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Dale Cooper - Caleb Cleveland

Twin Peaks Characters Reimagined 25 Years Later

Illustrator Caleb Cleveland is on an ongoing, self-imposed mission to reimagine Twin Peaks characters 25 years later. While making them older, the artist started to envision their present-day lives too...
Twin Peaks cast as cartoon characters

Twin Peaks Cast As Cartoon Characters

What if Twin Peaks returned, but with one big difference... it would be an animated series? Alejandro from Denton, Texas, shows us what Dale Cooper, Lucy, The Giant, WIndom Earle and 30 others would look like as cartoon characters.
S.B. Whitehead Twin Peaks

Search And Find Twin Peaks Illustration

Can you spot all the hidden Twin Peaks objects and references in this beautiful search-and-find illustration by the very talented S.B. Whitehead? Hint: I counted about 30 easter eggs.
Holly Wales Twin Peaks illustration owl

Surreal Twin Peaks Illustrations By Holly Wales

Watching Twin Peaks recently inspired Holly Wales to create a set of geometric illustrations, which explores ideas about how narrative affects the way images are presented separately rather than as whole complete scenes.