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David Lynch: Aces

Aces, Unique Monoprint By David Lynch Up For Auction

A very rare and unique piece of art work by David Lynch is up for auction on eBay. The one-of-a-kind monoprint, Untitled (Aces), dates from December 1997 and was created at Tandem Press in Madison, WI during the first of his 3 visits from 1997-1999.
David Lynch Art Print

David Lynch Art Print “Garden” Up For Auction

Unfortunately, last week's lithos by David Lynch didn't find a buyer but here's more early art by the filmmaker up for auction already. This 14" by 14" abstract piece called "Garden" dates from 1970 and has a starting price of $399.
David Lynch Litho Art Print

Rare David Lynch Art That Helped Fund Eraserhead, For Auction

A pair of rare, offset lithographic prints by David Lynch are currently on auction. What makes these pencil drawings part of film history is that they helped the debuting filmmaker fund Eraserhead back in 1973. They were sold cheaply so David could purchase more film stock for his cult movie in the making.