Twin Peaks Supercut: Every Mention Of Pie And Coffee (Video)

Here it is at last! The Twin Peaks coffee and pie supercut!

It took the Internet 23 years and Bryan Menegus plenty of hours of work, but Twin Peaks fans worldwide can finally enjoy this, excuse me, damn good video montage of probably every mention of “pie” and “coffee” on the show. Good for 3 minutes and a half of delicious footage.

Bryan, I feel like we, the fans, owe you something for making this supercut… Like a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie perhaps? Let me know. My treat!

Twin Peaks: All the pie and coffee


BONUS (via Slacktory): Here’s a pie chart of every sip of coffee in Twin Peaks by character. Dale Cooper unsurprisingly leads the way, but who are the other big coffee drinkers in town?

Twin Peaks coffee sips per character

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. I’m assuming Al Strobel is named because he is both MIKE and Gerard. It’s a little odd, but I suppose it may have been necessitated by the limited space.

    Anyway, great vid, and truly brilliant pie chart.

  2. Bryan needs to go over to the Twin Peaks Archive @ to find some POSITIVE theme music(i.e. freshly squeezed / audreys dance) for this compilation… The downbeat / moody track really doesn’t work.

  3. Pardon me for saying, but: including an actor’s name on a pie chart full of character nnames constitutes the supreme incongruity. 🙂

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