Dark Mood Woods, A Dictaphone Recording

Diane, I am currently recording a very dark, moody song together with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti…

Here’s how davidlynch.com describes DARK MOOD WOODS (FULL VERSION), which you can now download as 320 kbps MP3 and Apple Lossless file for $0.99 from the Twin Peaks Archive:

The words ‘dark,’ ‘mood,’ and ‘woods’ are very important to the architecture of Twin Peaks, as is undoubtedly this very unique-sounding piece of music. Badalamenti and Lynch had a particular way of working on the music for Twin Peaks. Sitting at either the Fender Rhodes or synthesizer to write, it wasn’t uncommon for Badalamenti to use a dictaphone to record the proceedings in order to catch the evolution of ideas. In fact, it is because of this practice that this recording even exists. The version of ‘Dark Mood Woods’ used in the series is this very dictaphone recording…made by the recorder placed near one of the studio’s loudspeakers. The track retains a uniquely mysterious sonic quality that is due largely to this factor. Although not audible in this download, Lynch’s voice can be heard earlier on the tape enthusiastically reacting to the first few initial notes of ‘Dark Mood Woods.’ His words are emphatic, underlining this particular track’s importance among the larger body of music created for the show…he states: “everything, everything [that] I ever want to do is right there…right there in that music…”

Although ‘Dark Mood Woods’ does additionally appear in excerpted form on track 21 of the ‘Season Two’ CD release, it appears here in its previously unreleased full running length of 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Three out of the five stills that appear in the background while playing this track on davidlynch.com, are brand new and have been added to our Twin Peaks Backgrounds gallery. Here they are in full resolution:

Red Room Entrance

Red Room Reflection

Owl Cave Painting

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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