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All Twin Peaks Backgrounds From DavidLynch.com

As you know, davidlynch.com relaunched last week with, among many other goodies, a bunch of music from Twin Peaks. Check out the new songs “Deer Meadow Shuffle” and “Just You (Instrumental Baritone Guitar)” if you haven’t done so yet. And while playing back the tracks from the Twin Peaks Archive and the Season 2 soundtrack, you’ll see a slideshow of stills as well as exclusive set shots from the series and the Fire Walk With Me prequel movie.

Last weekend, I spend a few minutes downloading all these beautiful, new photos from the site (just look at the amazing Double R scenes!) and so far, I was able to grab 89 different background pictures. But I know for sure that there are more, so expect them to be added as soon as more rare and unreleased Twin Peaks music is unveiled on the “open album” platform on davidlynch.com!

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All Twin Peaks Backgrounds From DavidLynch.com

The complete collection of Twin Peaks photo backgrounds & wallpapers from davidlynch.com