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How To Date Dale Cooper And Enjoy Cherry Pie & Damn Good Coffee Together. True Story!

How to date Dale Cooper

You, yes, YOU can have a date with Dale Cooper. But it’ll cost you more than the price of a damn good coffee and a slice of cherry pie.

The Moth, a non-profit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling, is auctioning off a what I would call “Meet-and-Eat” with Kyle MacLachlan at Bubby’s in Tribeca, New York. The person with the highest bid on May 16th at 2:43 PM EDT will get the chance to enjoy some Michigan Sour Cherry Pie and a hot coffee with the actor (I am not kidding) and even go home with a signed script of Twin Peaks!

I believe the word you’re looking for is: WANT! 

The minimum next bid is currently $750, which is already way above my budget, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this went far over $1,000. Update: The auction ended at $1,500.

Check out the terms:

Scheduling around Mr. MacLachlan’s calendar. Includes coffee and pie at Bubby’s up to a $30.00 value. Cannot be redeemed during weekend brunch. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned. To be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date. Based upon availability. Travel and accommodations are not included. Winning bidder and guest(s) subject to security screening.

No word on complimentary creamed corn.

Now go and bid here, and if you end up dating Dale Cooper, let me know how it was! Just don’t get your hopes up for a second date on a rowboat in Central Park.

Dale Cooper date on a lake

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How To Date Dale Cooper And Enjoy Cherry Pie & Coffee Together

Fancy a date with Kyle MacLachlan? Eat some cherry pie and coffee together and take home a signed script of Twin Peaks!