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Have Coffee & Pie With Kyle MacLachlan

Missed your chance for a date with Dale Cooper last year? Here’s some good news: you can try again!

Dale Cooper and Annie Blackburn

It took a few days, but it seems like the bidding war has finally started on this auction. At $460, the current bid is still significantly lower than last year’s final $1,500 bid, but —like the Bidding For Good website states— the estimated value of this date with Kyle MacLachlan is “priceless.” And don’t forget: the proceeds of the auction go to The Moth, a non-profit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

If you don’t live in NYC, you have until May 2014 to arrange the date with the actor. It has to take place at Bubby’s Tribeca (New York, NY) though, and unlike last year, the highest bidder has to pay for his or her own food and drinks. Makes you wonder whether the previous winner went a little Dale Cooper on the coffee and pie?

» Bid today, May 16 2013, before midnight (EST).

UPDATE: Coffee: $4.00. Pie: $8.00. Date with Kyle MacLachlan: $1,750. Experiencing the ultimate Twin Peaks moment: Priceless!

What would you talk about with Kyle if you won this auction?


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Have Coffee & Pie With Kyle MacLachlan

Have a date with Kyle MacLachlan in New York City. Drink coffee, eat pie, and talk Twin Peaks!