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The Lodges

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Apologies in advance for something(s) that have probably been asked and answered loads of times, but...


I wonder about the concept of the Lodges and their inhabitants. If the Black Lodge is where all the evil hangs out, how did Copper survive untarnished for 25 years? What is the idea of the evil spirits being granted a 25 year 'playtime' before having to come back? Is Bad Coop supposed to be inhabited by BOB? If so, he's had rather more than his 25 years, counting Leland as well. Was 'BOB/Bad Coop' ostracized for not coming back? If so, why did the vagrants put him back together after he was shot, or are they not from the Lodge?


Thanks in advance!

Julie Loader 04/06/2019 8:10 am

Lynch has said that the red room is not the black lodge, but a waiting room.
Yes, Bob is inside Mr C, and Bob took Windoms soul, so part of him is in there, too.....check out Mr Cs briefcase, and the FBI files he can access. Also, notice the Bonsai in the glass box room ....

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That's exactly how I see the red room,   it is an area to congregate before proceeding to either lodge.   As for the amount of time that has passed,    perhaps time moves differently in those areas/realms,   that is a worthy question and one I fear we'll never know the exactly answer to.