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Anyone going as Agent Cooper for Hallowe'en? Want the exact same tape recorder?

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Hi, I hope this is ok to post. I'm not looking to make money of this, just hoping to help out someone else dressing up as Agent Cooper as I am. I bought a pair of the Realistic Micro-27 tape recorders just like the actual one used on screen, looking to hook someone up with the other one. They are NOT FUNCTIONAL, useful only as props. I'm in Canada but it's probably not so costly to ship to the US. Just looking for $15usd (half what I spent) plus actual shipping. DM if interested.

Sorry again if this is inappropriate, didn't see anything in the FAQ.

Brian Hardin II 08/10/2019 12:49 pm

This is great! I've wondered how many folks will go as Twin Peaks characters this year.
If you dress up, post photos!

How is Annie Topic starter 08/10/2019 7:11 pm

Will do! The funny part is that I used to have long hair, shortened it to medium length, and I still sport a short beard. Recently my hairstylist cut about 2" more off than I wanted, so I'm pretty close to Dale's hair length. It's as if I've undergone a progressive transition from Bob to Cooper. I'll be shaving and getting my hair cut as exactly as possible, and my shaven face is quite close to Kyle MacLaughlin's, complete with chin bump and brown eyes. Got the black suit, white shirt, going with typical FBI black tie, very similar trench coat that's exactly the right color. Next year I might save up for a Fremen stillsuit...

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I saw a child dressed as the Jumping Man some years ago,   she did a great job on the costume,   it was super creepy.      Prior to that,    I think the only other face I've seen from Peaks portrayed during Halloween was Bob,   about a year or two after the original series aired.    It would be nice to see a few faces later this month from our favourite show.