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Carrie Page shoots partner.

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Twin Peaks The Return: I've just enjoyed a second viewing. BUT I'm left with a real puzzle. The first time I viewed it ( I believe) there was a scene, early-ish in the series,  set in Carrie Page's lounge where her obnoxious husband/partner/boyfriend is verbally abusing her while she cleans the house. I think  she was vacuuming. Anyway she picks abruptly picks up a handgun and shoots the creep in the head. Wow! An explosion of sudden violence. When agent Cooper turns up at the house ( later in series) the body is still on the couch. I have been unable to find the first or 'murder scene' again. Somehow missed it. Mystery. So I watched the whole series again in fast forward mode... still no luck. This is really frustrating. ARGH! Can anybody tell me in which episode the murder occurs, or tell me to give up because it was all in  my imagination. Please. Your assistance for my peace of mind would be appreciated. 

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I don't believe we actually witnessed the murder at any time during the new series,    we only saw the aftermath.      It would have been helpful to see the actual confrontation,    but I'm fairly certain it wasn't ever shown to us.

Mordaunt_craig Topic starter 22/05/2019 6:42 am

Thank you. It is really amazing that I can clearly recall the scene (Carrie shoots partner), and thinking "Erica better not watch this... too much domestic violence for her". Just goes to show the power of the (subconscious) mind to create something that the conscious mind believes.
You and the post below have reassured me that I did NOT miss the murder scene cos it didn't exist. Amazing.


We never saw that take place (Carrie Page cleaning at the beginning and shooting someone), we only ever saw her introduced at the end of Season 3.

At least... I don't think we did...   A while ago we have a 30+ page post go on about what I coined as being the Cooper Paradox.  It's a loooong read, but if you jump in here:

that's about where it gets defined.  Read that, and you'll see what I mean.

Mordaunt_craig Topic starter 22/05/2019 6:36 am

Thank you...