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I postulate that everything we see in Season 3 that takes place in the Bang Bang Bar takes place all in the same night.


We see the Chromatics (she is wearing a white blouse with a big ruffle on front) sing their closing credits song towards the end of episode 2, James and his green gloved friend walk in.  James is wearing a black tshirt his friend is wearing a flannel shirt.

Several episodes later James is on stage and sings his song while wearing a black tshirt.

Chromatics are in another episode doing their song Shadow, she is still wearing the same blouse.

Audrey is seen wearing a black low cut dress.

Next episode she is wearing the same dress.

Another episode James and his gloved friend get into a fight with a woman's husband, both are wearing the same outfit from the 2nd episode (and James song episode), black tshirt and flannel shirt.

Lastly, in the episode that Audrey does her dance, she is wearing the same black dress.


Can anyone point to any evidence that would show that these scenes don't take place during the same night?

Christen Phillips 26/09/2017 11:23 pm

I don't have Showtime anymore to watch again (going to have to wait for the bluray) but while Audrey's timeline seems to take place in one night, no matter WHERE she is, I don't know about Renee's?  Is she wearing the same clothes in the first episode when she's hanging out with Shelly, the episode where James sings his song, and the episode with the fight between James and her husband?  I'm notoriously bad at remembering people's clothes so I would check her next.  And I don't think Shelly is anywhere in the bar after the first episode either.

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That's my next viewing; to watch the background people and compare locations and clothing within the bar.

The only scene that I can think of is when the Jaques 'doppelganger' is on the phone and the other guy is sweeping the floor. The bar is empty at that point but that takes place fairly early on, so unless some scenes take place in the bar out of order, then this specific scene may disprove my theory.




I kept meaning to check that scene too.  Specifically I wanted to make sure that the bar and all the neon signs looked the same in all of the scenes.  I still want to see if there is any evidence of two different bars, like there's a "real" one and Audrey's version.  The sweeping scene seems like a great way to give an in your face scenery clue to an audience that's too pissed about endless sweeping to notice XD

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so I've watched a few other episodes that took place in the Bang Bang Bar and have spotted a few background characters all wearing the same thing in different episodes...

The only thing that keeps me wondering is the sweeping scene...


This is awesome!

Thank you! 


Yeah, very nice! Thanks for pointing this all out. I wonder what it means when the host shows up. It makes sense they talked about Billy getting run off the road while someone runs into the diner asking about him on the same night Audrey is looking for him. (And I'm >99% sure he's named after Billy Zane.) 

I don't think the scenes all had to happen in order... BUT! The  sweeping scene was in Part 7, right before the nukes, the Laura orb, and the host showing up to run the Bang Bang Bar stage. 


I doubt that the clothing being the same would be overlooked.  It must have been planned if that is true.   Besides the sweeping, I wonder about the performers.  Then all of the acts would be appearing on the same night.  Quite the evening at the Roadhouse.   


When I think of the Roadhouse bands I think of Under the Sycamore Trees that was played in the season 2 finale. Is there a connection? "Where we're from... There's always music in the air."

I thought it strange that music would be sang in the black lodge.. After watching season 3 I realize reality isn't always in place on this show.

The singer and the Roadhouse Mic bare a resemblance if you look...