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A funny link between FWWM and Mulholland Dr.


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Ok, i saw the Mulholland Dr a few times for about 10 yrs ago. I made attetion to a special music/taffle playing in the background at one scene.

At the end , by the dinnertable, before the Cowboy came in, there was a backgroundmusic, like jazzfunk, and i payed attetion to the bassplaying and drums.

I have never heared it before, and never heared it after, until today, when i decided to rewatch FWWM.

The same music appeared in about 48 mins out in the film, when Donna and Laura sitting in a car.

Note: YOu must have connected headset or other device with good bassloudspeaker to hear it.

At about 46:50





Mulholland Dr:
At about 5:17


And yes, offcourse it is no connection , but still, i mentioned it 🙂