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It is safe to say that Cooper retained all of his previous knowledge of the events on 02/23/1989 because:

1. He solved the murder.

2. He asked to be placed there that night to save Laura from her Fate.

So WHY on earth would he take her home to a murdering, raping Father?

Guess what?  Bob would still be alive and well inside of Leland if you go back to a time before he left Leland's body.

It's simple time travel 101...


Jack Dean Topic starter 08/10/2017 10:42 pm

Yes, that was about the answer I was expecting...

Chris Mitchell 26/10/2017 8:26 am

It's very likely that the "world" in which Cooper finds Laura/Carrie has been altered because of the events of the entire series, and that "time travel" is more like "time isn't so linear for the lodge entities", so the following explanation may help:

It's very possible that Cooper knows much more about what's going on then he ever lets on once he leaves the lodges, and snaps out of his Dougie trance. His first reaction to waking up in the hospital is to set a few things in motion like 1) creating a new Dougie, which he seems to know how to do 2) he knows to go back to Twin Peaks, and 3) he most likely knows/believes that time itself may be affected by the Fireman and/or the lodges themselves. One of the theories that seems to hold some water is the "sex magik" theory, which explains how the entity was released in the beginning, and why the scene with Cooper and Diane is so awkward: Cooper knows that Mr. C raped Diane, but they both know that sex magik involving them is important for the closure of the situation with Judy, even thought it's still not clear what exactly they're trying to accomplish.

While there are many theories out there that I'm not going to go into, let's say for instance that the world he wakes up in after his night with Diane is the real one, but the events the Fireman set in motion have altered the reality. We're given three characters from the whole series with different names: Cooper is Richard, Diane is Linda, and Carrie is Laura. Also, they all seem to be in a different place: Odesa instead of Twin Peaks. Taking Laura home wouldn't be taking her to a father who raped her because BOB no longer exists in this reality, coupled with the idea that Carrie is very clearly not Laura Palmer's age. Also, assuming Leland would be an abusive father anyway, he's very much dead, or at the very least he's in the lodge. Not to mention, our last scene with Leland has him asking Cooper to "find Laura" which is exactly what Cooper does. Carrie shows a moment of confusion when Cooper tries to explain to her that she's actually Laura, and while he has a sense of where to go, and who he expects to be there, it's clear he has no idea what year it is, and we're left with a feeling of uneasiness and possible failure. 

2 Answers

I don't think the home he's taking her to in part 17 is the Palmer residence; the footage of Coop guiding her through the woods includes a cut to the portal near Jackrabbit's Palace through which Andy and Mr. C entered the White Lodge. I'd assumed this was the "home" he's trying to bring her to at that point due to that juxtaposition.

Jack Dean Topic starter 25/10/2017 7:01 pm

So you want me to believe that Cooper thinks he is taking Laura home, and somewhere in his mind, the white lodge (which doesn't exist in our realm) is the home he is taking her to?

Nope, I am not buying that at all...



Brandy Fisher 25/10/2017 7:07 pm

Then what ARE you buying Jack? I agree that it makes more sense that "home" refers to her origin with the The Fireman.

Of course it doens't exist in our realm.  It's a television show. But in Cooper's realm (Twin Peaks) he does know about it and has been there.

So I ask you the question, what do YOU think he meant by that.  You asked the question and clearly don't like the "answers."  So you must have some theory of your own. Why don't you enlighten us all.....

Jack Dean Topic starter 26/10/2017 7:38 pm

I am pretty much buying the fact that we will never know, as the series finale's were rushed to conclusions that the viewers must decide for themselves. The more I think about this the angrier I get...

I am starting to feel like Annie Wilkes, "Oh no you don't you dirty bird...you are going to rewrite this ending now!"



Fair enough. I have my moments of anger still from time to time. But I've processed it a bit and with the wonderful insights and debates among my forum kin, I've come to accept it as it is, not as I want it to be. I can have fun with it now.

Of course, I still haven't researched the entire season. Who k owe what emotional state that might bring.

WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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