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Answers & Questions (potential Season 4)

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So.. we have all seen Season 3 (I refuse to call it The Return - other than to cite it just now), and it has brought up more questions.

I understand that Mark Frost gave some answers in his two books that I suppose we are to accept as cannon to the Twin Peaks mythos.

My question for you guys is..

Keep Season 3 out for a moment, pretend it hasn't happened yet.

When Season 1 and 2 ended, what were the burning questions you had.

Now put Season 3 back into play; were those questions from Season 1 and 2 answered in Season 3?

What questions did Season 3 leave unanswered that you hope to see answered for a Season 4 (should it ever happen)?

Brandy Fisher 12/03/2018 10:15 pm

How's Annie?