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[Solved] Twin Peaks Spin-Offs

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I was reading an article online about the author's ideas for a spin-off of Twin Peaks (Bookhouse Boys - 1 hour drama that detailed their adventures).

I thought this might be fun, so with that in mind, what are some ideas you guys can come up with that would be an entertaining Spin-off from Twin Peaks?

I'll go with:

The Blue Rose: set during the time period that Lois Duffy was alive (1975ish) and expanding up until Phillip Jeffries disappears in Buenos Aries (1987), this would run roughly 7 to 8 season.
Season 1 would end with her shooting her tulpa.  It would heavily feature Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries.  We also have a tease of a VERY young Dale Cooper meeting Windom Earle at a job fair that the FBI is holding.

Season 2 , would begin with a 2 hour episode, with Duffy hanging herself 1/2 way through and the remainder of the season would show Cole and Jeffries trying to figure out exactly what was going on, all the wile stranger things begin to happen.

Season 3 has a slight time jump to the 1980's and we introduce Chester Desmond, Albert Rosenfield.  The season finale introduces a young Dale Cooper.

Season 4  shows the adventures of Dale Cooper and his interaction to the "strange x-files type cases" (along with Cole, Albert, and Jeffries), and ends with an introduction in the 3rd to last episode of the finale, Windom Earle, and this is to set up for the main plot for Season 5.

Season 5 shows a Windom Earle slowly going to a darker and darker place (while we follow the "x-files cases" that continue from Season 4). Season 5 would end with Cooper going on vacation in the Caribbean and Windom Earle's wife, Caroline being kidnapped.

Season 6 starts off with Caroline being found and put into the safe house, and shows during the course of the 1st half of the season Cooper and Caroline falling for each other.  3 episodes till the finale, we would see Windom stabbing Cooper and Caroline.  We tease an introduction of Garland Briggs and Listening Post Alpha. The season would end with Windom Early laughing hysterically as he is being institutionalized.

Season 7 or Season 8 would draw out a little more adventure but the overall series would end with Phillip Jeffries disappearing in Buenos Aires (making the year 1987).

Obviously, there would be more tie-ins and solidified plots, but this is what I could come up with in about 30 minutes of thinking.


What spin-off can you guys come up with?

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The Bang Bang Show:  30 minute episodes, airs once a week, for 15 episodes.  Think about the setup along the lines of The Muppet Show from late 1970's.  Every Twin Peaks character is a muppet except for the bands.  It all takes place in the Bang Bang Bar and features heavily various musicians interspersed with bits of dialogue (skits) very much like we have seen at the end of each episode in Season 3.

Nothing takes places outside of the Bang Bang Bar, except for one scene in episode 3 in which we are in the small alley outside and behind the bar - we see a 'muppet-renault' back there and he drops a small can by accident and out rolls a small gold bb.  It transforms into another 'muppet-renault'.  Later in the season, during episode 15, a similar thing happens with 'muppet-audrey' only this time the gold bb falls out of a cigarette pack.

As we ramp up to the last episode of the season, episode 15, it is revealed that everything over the previous 14 episodes have all taken place in 1 night.

Season 2: TBA


My idea:

"The life and adventures of Douglas Milford". SHoTP inspired. 


Twin Peaks high in the 60s/70s. All those adults and parents in their youth, Margaret, Catherine, Sarah, Leland, etc. Whoever was around in TP at that time.

I'm especially curious about a young Sarah. (Assuming she's not still in NM)


Damn, Brian, you know your story arcs.  And all those tie ins - I would surely watch a whole mess of that show. 

Young Sarah has all sorts of potential too. How do you wrap up with her married to Leland and willfully ignorant of the darkness of her household though?  She seemed fearful and low self-esteem by season 1.  A hard history. 

I might like a Silmarillion type history of The Experiment, BOB, Mike, Señorita Dido, The Fireman, The Woodsmen, MFAP, and of course, Jumping Man. 

How old are they? Was Mother summoned in 1945, or was that her birth? Where did she come from?  How was the NYC box conceived of - was that the first of its kind, or had the Mayans built one too?  Did Ghengis Khan know BOB?  The unabridged history.      

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Lake Pearl:  Shows a young Leland Palmer.  Lasts for 3 seasons only.  middle way through 1st season he goes to a lake house on Lake Pearl and meets Bob.  End of season 1 he is possessed by Bob.

Season 2 shows his struggle between good and bad.  Follows him into young adulthood.  Season 2 ends with him meeting a young Sarah.

Season 3 opens with a backstory to Sarah and explains that mouth-moth-frog thing is in her and is actively seeking Bob (now in the body of Leland).  the rest of the season shows their "evil doings" before deciding to cool their jets to keep from getting into trouble with the law.  They move to Twin Peaks in the season finale.

WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...

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