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[Solved] Drinking Coffee and Being Sad

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I'm sitting here drinking my eeffoc and listening to the Twin Peaks Archive, and as the music washes over me, with each track, I find myself on the verge of tears.  I am sad because I want so much more from Twin Peaks.

Do not read that as a negative, I don't mean that I wish Twin Peaks had been more.  I think it has given me exactly what it could.  Instead, what I mean is, I want more Twin Peaks (books, movie, tv-show, hell even a TwinPeaksMore like J.K. Rowling did with Pottermore), but I want it official (as in not fan-fic).

I realize Lynch has given us all the power to interpret Twin Peaks how we want (and I LOVE that) but knowing HIS take on it is what I really want.  Cannon.

I can recall sitting in my living room watching Season 1 when it aired, and again when Season 2 aired, and the awe and opening of my mind that the show provided.

In many ways it molded a new way of thinking and a new way to approach life for me.

26 years later I laid in bed each night it came on and allowed The Return to mesmerize me.  Sure, I have my issues with it, but I can overlook those because of everything else it has provided to me.

I've read both of Frost's books, as well as the Laura Diaries.  I've listened to Dale Cooper's tapes, and man-oh-man are there connections there that no-one seems to be talking about.  One of these days I'll need to start those threads up.

What I'd love to see is an expansion of the Twin Peaks universe, much like what Disney is doing with Star Wars, or what Marvel is doing with Avengers/Iron Man/Black Panther/Captain America/etc, or like what DC is doing with Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman/Justice League/etc.  I really think there is a place in our world for a Twin Peaks expanded universe.

I want this so bad that I can almost taste it (and it tastes almost like coffee and donuts).

I'm rambling, but damnit, I can easily get lost in the woods that is Twin Peaks.

For now, however, I'm going to sit here and sip my hot black coffee and continue to listed to the Twin Peaks Archive.

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I keep feeling like I am a broken record...

You need to discard anything you think or feel from February 23, 1989 on.  At that point Dale Cooper went back in time and fucked things up.  This includes Season 1 and Season 2 as they are both, obviously filmed after that date.  It is a hard concept to swallow, but the new reality is from that date forward...things are fucked up.  You can't get what you want from Twin Peaks as Dale Cooper screwed the pooch from the beginning of Twin Peaks on...

Anything you try to confirm from that date on, is a shifting and moving reality as time tries to realine itself and account for the changes made by Cooper.

But what do I know, I am only a passenger in this time...

Brandy Fisher 23/02/2018 3:38 pm

Lol and angry Jack returns.  Been a while, good to see you again. ? 

Topic starter

No, not Disney or marvel taking it over, I reference ONLY in what they are doing in terms of an "expanded universe"; IE telling stories about other characters that take place in the same universe and occasionally bringing them together from time to time.


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But Jack,  That's exactly what I want.  I know everything is messed up, and I lovingly embrace that.  Fact is, the new reality provides unlimited possibilities and one can only gain hope from that, which is why I lovingly embrace it.  There is no despair because of the unlimited amount of possibilities.

As this day has gone on, many tracks from the Twin Peaks Archive has graced my ears, and I have consumed each one, not from a garmonbozia (pain and suffering) point of view but instead from a great satisfaction.  While my sadness is still with me (because my desire to want more Twin Peaks (official story) is not being fulfilled), I am being satisfied with the music and my thoughts of possibilities.

I think I am about to start a new thread.. One that could be pretty lengthy with replies...

Brandy Fisher 23/02/2018 5:01 pm

Don't put it in the questions section then.  It's too hard to properly reply.


Yes, I am angry across the board.  I started to realize this is just another version of a "Dream Sequence" and that doesn't sit well with me.  It's a great concept, Someone goes back in time and screws up the known reality, only we as a fan don't know what that entails and it now hands the directors and writers carte blanche to do what they want, as they don't need a solid explanation.  You can't hold someone accountable for the unknown, and thus...they are given a pass.  Meanwhile I struggle to resolve the outcome...I can't say it isn't fair as I despise that statement...I can say it isn't responsible to the fan.  Even with my new resolutions,  I am coming back to my initial understanding...That must mean something!


I fully second this, except the part where you created a comparison with Disney and Marvel.  that just makes me queasy. I think I know what you meant and that you intended no harm or inference to Disney or Marvel actually taking over TP.  But it did create a nasty vision and train of thought in my head.

But other than that I agree that we need more!  Just keep Lucas and Spielberg away from it!


What are these Dale Cooper tapes you speak of??????

Topic starter

Back in 1990 (ish) there was an "audiobook" released called 'Diane... The Twin Peaks tapes of Agent Cooper' and it contained all of his recordings (voiced by Kyle) that Cooper made to Diane.  If I recall, there were a couple of "extended" versions of what we saw on the TV show and a couple that were never on the TV show.

Fun to listen to for sure.  I've seen an ad for it here on this website (for Audible) in the ads section on the left --->

WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...

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