Zooey Deschanel About Being A Kid On The Set Of Twin Peaks

Zooey Deschanel, a Twin Peaks kidIn case you didn’t know this piece of trivia yet: actress Zooey Deschanel has a double dose of Twin Peaks in her DNA. Born in 1980. She’s the daughter of Mary Jo Deschanel (Eileen Hayward) and Caleb Deschanel, who directed three episodes of Twin Peaks. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (3/26), she briefly looked back on being on the set of Twin Peaks as a child.

I would go to visit the set, but I was only allowed to watch some of the episodes because, you know, it’s not appropriate for children. But that’s the type of show that’s extremely addictive. If you know that show, you know it’s like a soap opera, you have to watch it. So I remember I would sneak and try to watch the episodes I wasn’t allowed to watch.

UPDATE: Here’s more from an 2010 interview with About.com:

Because both my parents worked on [Twin Peaks], it was always this fascinating thing to me. I was only nine or ten at the time, so my parents only let me watch certain episodes. Which you just can’t do to a person! Like, allow them to watch just some Twin Peaks; it’s the most addicting show ever. I most remember being completely terrified by Bob, but also completely fascinated with him. But, still, I was very proud that my parents worked on that show.

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