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Who is the dreamer?  

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Oh! and Nadine always watching Dr. Amp!

Posted : 29/01/2018 9:31 am
Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: Ben Uhl

My take is that we are all the dreamer because there was multiple scenes where the fictitious characters would be doing what we would be doing at the same time "watching the screen"...Mitchum brothers watching security screens, Richard watching the security screens at a different location, Fireman watching the "replay of the first part of ep. 8," Andy watching scenes play by, Sarah Palmer watching tv and drinking, and Cooper/Dougie watching tv while eating cake.

I can't buy this because of the multiple holes that are needed to fill it to make it work.

       1. How can we all dream the same dream at the same time?  I mean at minimal we are spread out over 4 time zones, if you go to the extreme we are spread out over 24 time zones and most people won't be asleep at the same time to have the same dream.  I guess a lot of us could be day dreaming but then how do we get through our day?

       2.  How are you equating "watching a screen" to dreaming?  I am "watching a screen" as I type this but I am fairly certain that I am not dreaming, I guess I could be but then how would I ever know I am awake?

      3. What would cause us all to dream the same dream?  A news story about a girl down the lane?  Reports of mass murders in the Pacific Northwest?  Getting that many minds to see the same thing is fairly difficult at best, but usually impossible.

Just so you understand, these arguments are not directed at you and your theory, they are more aimed at Lynch/Frost if that is their real intention with Season 3.

If they intended for us all to be the dreamer I would like to have seen a hypnotist or subliminal message before each episode...wait was there one?

F*%k I don't know, maybe you are right as well.  The world has been screwed up since February 23rd, 1989 so nothing falls into place.






Posted : 29/01/2018 12:50 pm
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