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Major Briggs on Mysteries (from Secret History of TP)

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I've jumped around "Secret History." (Book spoilers...)

In the book Major Briggs is recruited into the Air Force's "supernatural" division by Doug Milford. Near the end of it Briggs and Milford have an interesting conversation about spirituality and mystery that feels relevant as season 3 nears conclusion. 

Milford is is meat and potatoes. Believes that Truth is what he can see with his own eyes. Briggs obviously has a faith in addition to his investigative side. 

Regarding the supernatural events he's witnessed Briggs says: "I see mysteries as the truth itself; they're the essence of our existence, and aren't necessarily meant to be fully apprehended."

Milford asks if that means that their pursuit of the ultimate truths of supernatural phenomena is doomed to failure, leaving them "consigned to ignorance." 

Briggs says, "No. But that final barrier can only be breached by faith."

I like that explanation by Briggs. It matches my own worldview as a non-denominational believer in something beyond this world. 

I think Briggs may also represent the Frost-Lynch attitude towards the show. Not all mysteries will be resolved for us. 

And further, maybe Jeffries represents what happens when you try to harness and claim those mysteries all for yourself. You end up trapped in an electric teapot for eternity. Lol. 

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I like this view, except that I believe Jeffries is doing just fine and though perhaps not able to return to our world in human form, he's perfectly content doing whatever it is he does wherever it is he is able to go. I don't think his prison is a prison exactly. 

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S2E9, after Leland dies, Coop, Harry and Albert walk down a path. Maj. Briggs is standing there (why?). First thing he says is "There is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy" but what caught my attention this go around is later, when Briggs says, "An evil that great in this beautiful world; finally, does it matter what the cause?" To which Cooper responds, "Yes, because it is our job to stop it." To which Briggs sort of sighs, says "Yeah" and then TURNS AND WALKS AWAY. The others continue to talk about Bob.

Secret History and The Return have really affected how I interpret this.

Posted : 25/08/2017 4:55 pm
Posted by: Roberto Bella
"I see mysteries as the truth itself; they're the essence of our existence, and aren't necessarily meant to be fully apprehended."

Hi Roberto,

I know the quote above was from the book by Mark Frost, but to me it is the essence of David Lynch.

Incidentally, Briggs was one of my favorite characters.

Windom Earle: Your name, please? 
Major Briggs: Garland Briggs. 
Windom Earle: Garland, what do you fear most... in the world? 

Major Briggs: The possibility that love is not enough.   =:-O


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