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Screenshots of some fave visuals-TP Part Fifteen

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Better late than never: Here's the link to a folder of 27 screenshots from the especially creepy episode 15.

Twin Peaks screenshots pt.15

A preview below the list: "Into The Red"

1) Greeting Bad Cooper

2) To the Room Above

3) The Woodsman Sentry

4) The Woodsman Sentry-2

5) The Woods and the Room

6) The Staircase

7) Bosomy Woman

8) Waiting

9) Jeffries

10) Who is Judy?

11) Let me write it down for ya

12) The Convenience Store

13) The Convenience Store-2

14) Gersten and Steven

15) Gersten

16) Steven's window

17) Into The Red

18) The Jones Family

19) Mr. Todd's Last Day

20) Sunset Blvd.

21) Get Cole

22) Short Ciruit

23) Margaret's Last Message

24) Harry Truman

25) I hate your fucking guts

26) The Veils

27) Ruby



Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2017 7:09 pm
RR Diner Patron

Thanks for sharing Randy, the screenshots are great !

Posted : 26/08/2017 8:11 am
RR Diner Patron
Posted by: Eric Peters

Thanks for sharing Randy, the screenshots are great !

Thanks, Eric - Appreciate your post!

Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2017 1:22 pm