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Dorothy by Rosaria Battiloro (Italy)

Blue & Velvety Exhibit At Projekte

The Blue & Velvety exhibit is now ongoing and runs a few more days until November 30th, so hurry if you want to see this Blue Velvet inspired art work in real life.
Frank Booth on helium

Frank Booth On Helium (Video)

Here's how Blue Velvet's Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) would've sounded on helium, as originally intended by David Lynch.
Blue Velvet Deleted Scene: Kiss Goodnight & Aunt Barbara's Note

Blue Velvet Deleted Scene: Kiss Goodnight

Here's another deleted scene from the Blue Velvet Blu-ray, that shows us the well-mannered Jeffrey offering Sandy a kiss goodnight. But the best part of the excluded scene is when Jeffrey enters his home to find a note with a PS from his eccentric Aunt Barbara.
Blue Velvet Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes Still (6)

Blue Velvet Deleted Scene: The Flaming Nipple (NSFW)

A month ago, we were given a sneak peek at the Blue Velvet deleted scenes through a series of intriguing screen captures. A day before the official U.S. release of the Blue Velvet Blu-ray, Slashfilm shared an entire deleted scene with us... and quite a notorious one at that!