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Did I find Billy??

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Go to 16:27 in Season 2, “The Condemned Woman. I generally trusted before that “Billy” in Season 3 was a meta reference to Billy Zane—kinda breaking the fourth wall. 

When John Justice Wheeler first enters Ben Horne’s office for a business meeting at ~16:30, just before the door opens, we hear someone speak offscreen. The words don’t appear in Netflix’s captions...

It sounds like someone could be saying “Geez Billy” or “Geez Milly.” Or maybe some offscreen director was saying “Say cheese Billy” and it got picked up. 


Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2019 9:39 pm
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There's also a scene in this here second half of Season 2 where Donna is wearing a sweater with knitted dark blue flowers on it. Hmmmm

Very interesting watching these Season 2 episodes again and picking out what might be references.

I started listening to the "Unwrapped" podcast, their episodes about the early parts of The Return. When talking about Jacoby's golden shovels, they even say, "it's like something you would use for a groundbreaking ceremony." They don't point out that we see the Great Northern's groundbreaking footage in Season 2, and it looks like they may be using golden shovels. (It's hilarious hearing people's predictions for The Return back before we saw it all.)

It's also better re-watching Season 2 and being able to ignore the stupid story with James.

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No. I did not find Billy. I see how Jack Wheeler just said his line really fast and it came out sounding like it could might maybe be "geez Billy." But no.

Nevertheless, in rewatching the first two full seasons and now hitting Season 3, we're noticing that soooo many names are used twice--from the obvious "Dougie" to the hidden "Hank", whom appears in the ramblings of Ruth Davenport's neighbor.

Hence I remain convinced that the mentions of "Billy" in Season 3 are supposed to be meta references to Billy Zane for Audrey's sake.

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