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Would the Audrey-Coop romance have saved S2?

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The season had many other problems, but I wonder how many could've been averted if KM and LFB didn't screw over the show with their personal drama concerning SF. Writers had to scramble to fill up time originally dedicated to Audrey+Coop, creating incredibly stupid plots.

I personally liked Annie+Coop and would've rolled with it if we had never seen the electric chemistry of Audrey+Coop prior. I dunno if it could've saved the show single-handedly, but maybe buoyed it just enough to get a 3rd season? 



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I think Season Two would have been one hell of a lot better if we'd gotten the Audrey/Cooper romance that was planned.  They grew Audrey up a lot during the season anyway, and it would have made Cooper's decision to go into the Lodge resonate a lot more with the audience.  The fact that KM and LFB scuppered this plot line remains, to me, the single greatest mistake of the original series.


I say yes!! 


Yes that and they should not have revealed Lauras killer. But since the network  forced them to make that mistake the next made was not following the Bob story after Lelands death. Bob could have easily moved on to a new host which would have been alot more interesting than James and Evelyn, Ben Hornes civil war mental breakdown, the mayors younger woman romance... etc.


Better left unrequited for me, but I would certainly have canned the Annie Blackburn and John Justice Wheeler characters.


I say No.  It would have ruined the view of Cooper as a boy scout.  A 30 something FBI agent, on assignment a long way from home, with serious deadly occurrences going on hooking up with a 17/18 year old girl in a small town would be a scandal.  Something he should be smart enough to avoid for a number of reasons.


Would you really want Agent Dale Cooper dating a girl in high school, who was probably legally underage?

SamXTherapy 04/08/2017 10:24 am

I thought the age of consent in the US is 16, and at the time, Audrey was 17, the same age as Laura's at the time of her death.



The age gap would not have been a problem. The plan was to reveal that Audrey was 19, or there will be a 5 or 10 year gap after the Laura Palmer was resolved. By then Audrey would have been in her 20s. 

Their affair was to have carried the show's second season. It was supposed to be the main plot of season 2 and without it the writers had nothing to work with. 


When Coop asked Audrey her age she said 18. 

More realistic: Coop finds her naked in his bed. He starts to say "this is wro..." Audrey pulls the covers away & he says "...uh, well you ARE 18, you're a consenting adult, it's not like I coerced you." 😉

After they revealed the killer(s), ratings dropped, and ABC moved the show to Saturday night, worst night for viewers. The final ep. was filled with cliff-hangers to encourage viewers to lobby ABC harder not to cancel the show, but ABC was determined to kill it.

Myn0k 05/08/2017 11:08 am

I can't imagine the show with Cooper and Audrey getting together. I feel like Audrey was mentally too immature for Coop. I don't mean that in the wrong way - my wife is quite a chunk older than me so I'm no prude. It's just that Audrey comes across as mentally immature, compared with Coop's wise ways. I think Coop would have felt he was taking advantage of the young, naïve Audrey. 

Also - I like season 2! Sure, there's two or three filler episodes, but all in all its a fab season IMO. 


I think Audrey showed some maturity towards the end. Yes she got involved in the Palmer case mainly for Cooper, but she provided him the information when Ben confessed about his affair with Laura. Even though she didn’t get along with her dad well, turning that kind of info over to the police isn’t an easy thing to do.


She also helped bring Ben back from his mental breakdown and assisted him in the Seattle business. Civil disobedience may have been an unconventional approach to save the forest, but so are some of Cooper’s methods, i.e. relying on dreams and visions.  She grew up.