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Do you think Mother is the Experiment?

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A lot of people have made this assumption, but I'm not sold. 

Mother could have been another entity, a psychological fear constructed in the realm, or hey even doppelganger Laura!

What do you think?

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I think the atomic bomb experiment tore a hole, so to speak, in whatever normally keeps Mother away from our reality. Mother's ability to produce entities that affect our world is a result of the experiment but I think she has existed timelessly all along. 

Myn0k Topic starter 29/07/2017 4:31 am

I agree. I think what I'm asking is do people think that the "mother" character referenced by the Polanski lookalike is the same as Experiment, which I'm not so sure convinced of. 


I think it is. The experiment clearly "bore" BOB and all those othe eggs...


I agree with James Sweeney ~ the entity that gained access to our known world has existed for eons.

I also think that a door would not hold it back for long. So the question remains, what is Mother? After viewing part 8 i felt sure that room was part of the Giants residence(White Lodge?) which make me wonder if Mother is what he was referencing when he told Coop "it is in our house now".