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I'm 40 years old Twin Peaks fan from Latvia. I had many unanswered questions in my aimless life until I started to read and understand the Bible. Only now I understood that it's a complicated puzzle, because it's difficult to get answers, if you understand only direct meaning of the sentences (like we did in Soviet Union time). Jesus speaks in parables, but if you crack the puzzle, you get a good lesson and find important answers. Same thing with Twin peaks...

Only yesterday I watched Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces - not important deleted episodes. But the episode with Garland Briggs reading the Bible probably was very important to crack the code of Twin Peaks. He is carefully reading Revelation 11:3-5, 7; 14:19-20 and 15:1-2 trying to find answers. Why?

David Lynch is also trying to "speak" in parables. Dr. Jacoby's golden shovel is just one of them. If somebody sees this episode and understands that crazy doctor is painting shovels to sell them with a profit, he didn't catch the idea. Every single episode in Twin Peaks has a message. Even the episode, where Andy and Lucy is arguing about the color of chairs, has a message to us, but if you can't crack the puzzle, this episode for you will be meaningless.  

Is David Lynch playing a God? No, I don't think so. But I think that with Twin Peaks he's trying to show us his own interpretation of the eternal fight between good and evil. And if he was inspired by the Bible and/or other holy writings, we will find many answers in the Bible. Read for example Matthew 18:8 and think about Mike and his arm. 

Who knows, maybe in the final episode we will see "a sea of glass mingled with fire".




"where Andy and Lucy is arguing about the color of chairs"

talk about, please

Will Jerry Horne cut his right foot?

"talk about, please"


If you are strong and wise person, sometimes it's better to give up in an useless dispute. Especially if you love the oter person. 

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Now that we've seen it play out,

the way I see it the 1945 nuclear bomb symbolizes Satan's First Rebellion in the First World Age that caused this Second World Age to come into being where there are two sides of the gulf (See Luke 16) and when Agent Cooper takes Laura Palmer to Twin Peaks in Episode 18 and destroys "the doppelganger world" that symbolized the destruction of this Second World Age which is followed by The Third World Age which is perfect, just like the First World Age was before Satan rebelled. This is why The Fireman sent Laura Palmer to Earth as soon as he saw the nuclear bomb go off that created "the doppelganger world". A symbolic parable of The Three World Ages.

The Three World Ages are outlined in 2 Peter 3: Here's a short explanation: 

Thank you for your opinion! Many things in last episodes were different from what I expected. I was quite sure that Jerry Horn will cut his talking foot, but that didn't happen and I'm thinking now about other meanings of this episode. Too many questions still open, but that was also the target. It would be very interesting to hear explanations of the author, and I'm quite sure that he would mention also the Bible.