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Do you think Windom Earle will make an appearance?


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Bob took his soul. 

But could he manifest or perhaps just get a mention in the new series?

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No, his soul is taken and he (IMO) wasn't a strong story line from the close of season 2. I'd put my moolah on no chance.


David Lynch had absolutely nothing to do with the Windom Earle plotline in Season Two, and by most accounts wasn't especially interested in it when he came back to direct the finale.  I doubt we'll see or even have a reference to Windom Earle in The Return.


I would love to see a Windom Earle appearance.  The bonsai tree in Part 2 made me think about him instantly.  Also, the actor Kenneth Welsh is from my hometown!

So far, no surprise appearances or deviations from the original official Twin Peaks cast list yet....but let's hope we see Kenneth Welsh or Michael Ontkean or Heather Graham or Chris Isaak or David Bowie in a surprise cameo!

Even just one of those you have listed would be great to see 🙂



Reading a post elsewhere, someone had mentioned a link between Red & the Tremond/Chalfont grandson and doing magic tricks.  It was also mentioned that Windom Earle does a sleight of hand trick - so possibly through that?
I'd expect him to be hanging about the black lodge in some form...


I don't think we will. Unlike some others, I really enjoyed is character though.

I liked him too (wasn't a fan of his longjohns though!)