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Well, I watched the series starting about two weeks ago and caught up yesterday. I am loving it!

The only thing I knew about this show going in was that the show ends with Dale being possessed. With that info I knew something supernatural was afoot at first. So, when I started watching I got a theory by the second episode: Laura had somehow prepared for her death and did something to allow herself to live in the event BOB killed her: she put a piece of her spirit in Donna.

I was thinking it was possible and then suddenly Sarah sees Laura's face on Donna! I was thinking I was right, but then started abandoning the thought toward the end of S1.

Then the beginning of S2 shows Donna getting super erratic and starts using Laura's sunglasses. James remarked how odd Donna had been acting when she visited him when he was behind bars.

I then abandoned hope again for this theory until Laura (or someone wearing her face) stated Laura was yet alive in S3! When Coop asked how, all Laura did was move the mask of her face off. I took that as a sign that she is hiding behind someone's face like a mask. That would be Donna.

Now, I know I'm probably way off but this is something I'm wanting to entertain for now ^_^ What are all of your thoughts?

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Cooper was not possessed ( as should be clear  to you in new show, he had been in the Black Lodge for 25 years ). His doppelganger went out into our world, Bob went along with it. he's being referred to as "Mr. C." in the new show. 
After being killed, we see Laura in the waiting room of the Black Lodge, and an angel communicates with her & she is smiling ( FWWM ).

Laura said to Coop "I'm dead...yet I live." We don't know what that means yet, other than that she did die 25 years ago. Behind her face a heavenly light is seen.
The character of Donna is not in the new show.

ShinySephiroth Topic starter 08/07/2017 12:25 am

Sorry, I know now that he is not possessed but that was just my reasoning back when watching the old series.

I was disappointed when I didn't see Donna's name on the list for people returning, but I just am keeping my fingers crossed that one of the actresses return for a surprise cameo. ^_^

I don't know if that was ever the intention and if it was, if they would still go that route. This was just the thought/theory I came up with while watching. It made sense with what was going on with Donna.


Donna & Maddie both had a little bit of influence from Laura's sunglasses. In FWWM, Laura gets upset seeing Donna has an item of her clothing wrapped around her, she realizes she doesn't want Donna to go down the same path she is on and gets Jacques to help get her back home. Next morning she tells Donna not to wear her stuff.