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The Horse is the White Of The Eyes -- Red Room, Black Globes, jagged Stars and Bars


PART 1 -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The number 88 represents the cross swastika, a previously benign symbol that was perverted by the Nazis by tilting it and adding a red background on the black symbol.  … the following is a pictorial retelling of the end of WWII using still images from Twin Peaks seasons 1-3. In particular, the decision of the US Government (Harry S Truman) to drop the two bombs (twin explosion peaks) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki even though the war had tilted in the US’s favor.


Black Globe from Season 1 Episode 1 --

Double Infinity 88 --

Gloves --

Straight square from morgue in pilot --

Tilted square from Episode 8 of The Return on zoom in to Giant’s house (white lodge?) --

Red Room --

Four Swastikas --

"10 is the number of completion" -- Enola Gay --

Bomb --

BOB Bomb Globe --

Mask made out of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Explosions --

Twisted Stars and Bars motif:

PART 2 -- The post-WWII Atomic Age, J Edgar Hoover 

In both FWWM and The Return: Episode 14, there is a moment where David Lynch, as Gordon Cole, looks directly into the camera while out with Monica Belluci. There has been much speculation about this, and I believe I may have an explanation. Take a look at these photos of J Edgar Hoover, David Lynch as Cole looking into the camera, and the photo of the MFAP with the ring. The photo of Hoover contains motifs and symbols that appear throughout the show, including a 3-dimensionally-rearranged version of the ring (or rather, flattened) cut in half, to allow room for a doppelganger, like the locket. I believe Lynch looked into the camera because he wanted us, the audience, to know that he's seen that photo. Think Michael Mann's Manhunter.

"The Horse is the White of the Eyes" from Episode 8 of The Return is a reference to the white of the two right eyes in the J Edgar and Lynch photos. Note the horse on the shelf of the JEH photo, and note that the white horse appears on Laura's shelf in the final episode.

More posts are to follow with other evidence!  -- J Edgar with his tie clip  -- Gordon Looking at the Camera  -- The Ring is the pattern of the tie clip with one of the peaks moved "towards" us the viewer, two of them cut in half to leave room for Lynch, Hoovers doppelganger, and flipped upside down.

J Edgar Hoover kept files on many Americans, including Charlie Chaplin whom he had deported. And the motif of a child-like figure wearing a mask made out of the two A-bombs who could be what Gordon becomes after he leaves Dale in part 17.

Notice Leland's Charlie Chaplin dance with Chaplin-style music playing in Season 2 episode 8:

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