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The Black Figure

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I like the idea of "the Head".

Posted : 20/06/2017 10:24 pm
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I thought that too

Posted : 21/06/2017 8:31 am
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Could he be the "man" Duncan Todd is referring to?  Also noting the relationship between those actors in MD. Maybe the South Dakota version of Bob in charge of Bill Hastings and potentially inadvertently control of that operation.  Or even a "superbob?"

Posted : 21/06/2017 12:48 pm
Posted by: Andres Cruzalegui

At first I thought it might be a form of BOB and making him unrecognizable with all that black tar on him would serve as a remedy for the fact that Frank Silva (the actor who played BOB) has passed and you can't really tell.  But I am thinking more and more that it probably is the lumberjack from FWWM. I hate waiting a week to find out what happens next.  Someone said that the next episode won't air for another two weeks.  Does anyone know if that's true? That would totally suck if that's the case.

The next episode of Twin Peaks, Part 8, airs this Sunday, June 25th. The following Sunday, the weekend revolving around July 4th (Independence Day in America), Twin Peaks The Return seems to be taking a break. The series picks up again with Part 9 airing on July 9th.

I wonder if this 2 week break between Parts 8 and 9 is because something huge happens in Part 8, or if it's solely due to the holiday weekend. In another post, I mentioned this 18 part epic working in thirds. Perhaps, this series has two 8 Part halves, followed by a 2 Part Epilogue that airs together in September.

Alongside all of the reasons to be excited for each subsequent part, this makes me especially excited to see what happens in Part 8!

Posted : 21/06/2017 1:10 pm
Posted by: William De Bruijn

Like I posted before in the 3.01/3.02 section: below is a shot of the hobo from Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' (2001). I say no match.

But...this particular dark figure is featured in Mulholland Drive as the incarnation of Patrick Fischler (Duncan Todd)'s fear-of-failure. William (Bill) Hastings, the principal, was very frightened, in his cell in 3.02, so he may have summoned his own 'fear incarnation'. 

'Our' dark ghost seems to have now walked from the jail section of Buckhorn Police Headquarters to the morgue of Buckhorn (Police Headquarters?). And is on his way out, apparently. Just like Mr. C.... 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Mulholland Drive hobo

This is very interesting!

Posted : 21/06/2017 3:48 pm
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In FWWM the "woodsmen" were accompanied by someone credited as an "electrician".  This would seem to be the electrician. 

Posted : 02/08/2017 7:17 am
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