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Sweeping the floor

RR Diner Patron

We all love 2 minutes long scene when a guy( Billy? Bing?) is sweeping the floor, don't we?

It reminds me about a book I once read  - Jonathan Carrol's one, ashamed to admit, I don't remember the title. There was a small passage, a thougt about telling stories that is like sweeping the floor. First the broom moves on the entire floor including the corners, then we move to the middle. I think this is the case and we have reached the stage in this beautiful Part 7 when we really get into the middle of the story.

In my opinion that was the same metaphor.

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2017 1:42 pm

It was a great scene! At first I really thought the credits would start to roll right there, and I liked that Idea. Then the phone rang and, well so on.
So he double bluffed me there, and it was pretty cool. =)

Posted : 23/06/2017 3:08 pm

The sweeping the floor scene struck me as an homage to the Pirandello play "Six Characters in Search of an Author."  As I watched the scene unfold, I thought about how Twin Peaks is much like "Six Characters" in that the characters show up at a rehearsal for another play claiming to be characters orphaned when the author who created they edited them out of their works.  They demand to play their disparaging yet rightful roles.

Much like several characters who drop in and populate Twin Peaks, the relationships are  not always clear. We are often left to wonder how the characters may interrelate, or even if they belong within the framework of the show. 

David Lynch's style is seeped in the visual and auditory.  The sweeping of the floor is as balanced and complete as a fine painting. The color pallet is stunning and works to complete the overall composition. The time devoted to the scene suggests much more is at work than appears on at the surface. Floors play a pivotal role and often times foreshadow the shifting sands of the story-line of Twin Peaks.  

The bar floor is a solid service and suggests a concreteness is about to develop. Nothing is slipping between the cracks of this surface. The floor is scattered with the litter we would expect--what looks like peanut shells--and would be typical in a road house type establishment.  The floor is a pleasing light yellow suggesting an airiness is being introduced.

Is the concept of limits thus being introduced, or are we being toyed with?  



Posted : 07/07/2017 10:55 pm
RR Diner Patron

I thought this was a fantastic scene. There's a guy doing a menial but necessary and honest job. He's doing it well and with flair while the classic tune, Green Onions plays. He seems happy and enjoying himself. While he's sweeping, the Renault brother stands behind the bar, stock still and scowling. At the end we hear his phone conversation about pimping teenage girls, a dishonest job if there ever was one. An elegant example of duality.

Posted : 04/08/2017 4:11 pm