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Kyle MacLanchlan in Dutch newspapers this week  

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No news in theoryland (wow, this is already post 751 for 3.07, a new record!), but Kyle MacLachlan was in the Netherlands to promote Twin peaks last week. In interviews he obviously gives away no spoilers, but he does tell us how he enjoys playing the 3 roles: the evil madness of Mr. C and the very very slow acting that is required to play amnesia-Cooper-in-the-life-of-Dougie. Asked about the story he says (in De Volkskrant): 'Twin Peaks The Return is the story of a man trying to regain himself. In broader strokes you might say that the whole Twin Peaks series is the story of a world that is off-balance, and the search is to bring balance back'. 

Posted : 24/06/2017 6:19 am Lynn Watson, Murat Erol Özkan, ella and 2 people liked

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