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Car Explosion  


Watching the scene again with the would-be car thieves got me thinking. Here we have a group of guys who come to steal a car in broad daylight, but nervously look around to see if anyone is watching them (with music blasting no less). 

There are people standing outside immediately after the explosion but not before, looking on.

Could this be another one of those time-shifts that so many have alluded to?

Just before the explosion one of the men looks around to check to see if anyone is watching them. He certainly would have seen the family standing in their front year right across the street (although it could be argued that his back was toward them). But again, that family is not outside before the explosion, but immediately afterward. What gives?

I also note that there is a FOR SALE sign in front of their home. A commentary on how so many people got suckered into the housing boom when they couldn't afford the housing I suppose.

Anyway, the point -- or question -- being this: Could this be another time shift (assuming such a thing truly exists in this series) or is it a continuity error (See the hands on the box containing the cherry pie for example).

Posted : 06/12/2018 4:14 pm

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