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Dougie turns into a gold ball...  

Town Visitor

Maybe someone will be interested in my thoughts on this:

-Dougie has been 'manufactured'

-Once his purpose is fulfilled he is destroyed and leaves behind a small gold ball

-The red room has statues of Venus and, when Mike puts the ball on the table there is a slow zoom up over a golden seashell which is the base of the table.

-Venus is famously birthed from a seashell in mythology 

-It's my guess that the ball is perhaps a golden pearl. This is what would exist in a shell if there wasn't a person occupying it, now that Dougie is gone, the pearl is revealed.


That's as far as I got. If you agree and think maybe it's symbolic of something let me know!! If you think I'm a crackpot let me know that too!


Happy Peaking.

Posted : 27/05/2017 7:13 am

No, I think you're right.  I dunno if it's symbolic beyond the obvious; Dougie is a manufactured creature, contained within the gold pearl thingy.

Coppula eam se non posit acceptera jocularum

Posted : 27/05/2017 8:08 pm
RR Diner Patron

Yeah pretty much i agree with all these.

I wonder how this will link to the Jacoby's golden shovels, i believe there's a reason for that.

Posted : 28/05/2017 5:34 am mysticskye liked

He puts the ring on the table. not the "gold ball"


Posted : 23/06/2017 5:42 pm
Town Visitor

So I quess the "Golden Pearl" we are referring to in this post, is the golden pearl - capturing the image of Laura - which The Giant created in episode 8 (the latest episode so far). . .


Posted : 04/07/2017 10:06 am SomethingVague liked
RR Diner Patron

I'd say that the "pearls" are very different, but there does some to be a connection between manufactured humans, in that their "essence" is presented in the form of a golden orb. So evil has its own form of pearl and so does good.

I think this is a signal of Lynch's/Frost's idea of the "soul" perhaps, as the soul which leaves a certain car accident victim is a similar hue, but the soul is in a natural state, it is free-form, whereas Laura and Dougie's "souls" are visually manufactured objects. 

Posted : 04/07/2017 1:03 pm Pier Federico Miozzo liked

That Dougie scene reminds me of another Lynch short work, called Dream #7

It also made me think at the black box in Buenos Aires which turns into a Silver sphere, or a small piece of silver, that was what it looked like. Oh, so many mysteries!

Posted : 05/07/2017 12:09 pm

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