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My theory of everything  


Credit and thank you to many other posts on developing these ideas...I love you all and am so excited to go through this journey together. Please comment back and I'll respond, I'm sure I'll want to change so much of this once you all read it. @sdotglass 🙂

SPOILERS on the entire series, up to latest Episode 4.

Summary: - BOB hogged the Garmonbozia he got from Laura...The Arm stopped this...BOB killed Laura...The Arm intended Coop to help restore Laura with Maddy...failed...BOB inhabited Coop and grew more powerful...everyone aligns to set things straight again in THE RETURN!

  • Twin Peaks has a portal between the real world and Black Lodge
  • Laura Palmer was most beloved in Twin Peaks
  • Garmonbozia / pain + sorrow is sustenance for BOB + Black Lodgers
  • Abusing Laura is best way to create pain + sorrow in close proximity to portal. BOB secured direct access, inhabited her father Leland
  • BOB didn't want to share Laura or the Garmonbozia he got from her; other Black Lodgers did not like this
  • To protect Laura, or get some Garmonbozia for other Black Lodgers, The Arm, swapped Laura with a doppelganger
  • Laura remained in Black Lodge, only appearing in Coop's dreams and eventual visits
  • DoppelLaura, rather than passively allow BOB to abuse her and keep all the Garmonbozia for himself, acts out, making her own pain + sorrow more public and creating it for others
  • BOB, having lost control of Laura and her Garmonbozia, kills DoppelLaura. Real Laura, being unable to swap, remains in Black Lodge
  • Coop arrives post-murder; good-hearted, spiritual, open-minded, and a damn fine detective...these traits make him a perfect partner for The Arm to help restore Laura...Black Lodgers start contacting him gearing him up to challenge BOB
  • Maddy arrives. The Arm intends to send Laura back to inhabit or share Maddy. Maddy is to Laura what Dougy would have been to Coop (BOB/Doppelcoop messed with the transfer so they share Garmonbozia, and he's not fully functional like Room Service Waiter)
  • Before BOB kills Maddy, Black Lodger The Giant tries to warn Coop. Coop doesn't heed the warning because he has yet to fully believe in the existence and power of the Black Lodge and its occupants, but this convinces him.
  • BOB, in a huge rift with The Arm, kills Maddy to spite him and get in the way of his plans--if BOB can't have Laura to himself, nobody can! BOB pays a penance--the Garmonbozia acquired from Leland, with whose inhabitance he has taken too far, and going to have to move on
  • As BOB leaves Leland, Coop is right there to make himself an obvious next target. Back at Black Lodge, BOB and Doppelcoop conspire
  • Coop ventures into the Black Lodge to save Annie--a trap. Doppelcoop, with BOB, race him to the exit (credit John Thorne) and beat him out, real Coop remains stuck in Black Lodge

  • The Arm lost. Not only is Laura stuck, but so is Coop, along with Leland who was already a goner. BOB roams earth free in DoppelCoop

"TP: The Return" begins 25 years later... - Everything is about empowering Coop to fight BOB/Doppelcoop, replace them in the real world, and send BOB back to Black Lodge. Three groups grow strength over 25 years to work together now. 1. The Arm evolves to challenge BOB 2. Audrey Horne, the Anonymous Billionaire, dedicates her life to finding her long lost love Coop, develops a controlled portal 3. Gordon Cole leads the real world charge, learning more about all of these occurrences - BOB knows all of this, has his own plans

  • Leland is stuck in Black Lodge forever. He implores Coop to at least find Laura to give her peace
  • Laura is allowed to send Coop a message, but sent right back to non-existence (revealed to him when removing her face) after to her dismay

  • Doppelcoop/BOB wants the coordinates of the portal Audrey created, which is the glass box in New York City, a new loophole he wants to control. The show plays with time, and I'm guessing Doppelcoop/BOB is the Las Vegas man, he finds the coordinates, and Tracy is the girl hired to get inside and report back. The guard is gone when she shows up because Doppelcoop/BOB got rid of him somehow. The Being that kills Tracy and Sam is likely Laura stopping the information from getting to Doppelcoop/BOB. I'd have said it's The Arm, but it was clearly female.

  • Burned Man in the jail cell was a Black Lodge inhabitant leaving Hastings' body now that the job is done, unsure where else Hastings/Davenport fit in, but the headless body is likely Garland Briggs. Wouldn't be surprised if the entire Hastings/Davenport narrative is just about Doppelcoop/BOB getting some information and covering tracks.

  • All of this activity is unprecedented, screwing things up in the real world...represented by lots of Black Lodge crossover, with multiple characters talking backwards (119 Woman, Lucy, Doppelcoop...)

  • Unsure who else opposes Doppelcoop/BOB, impersonating Philip Jeffries, likely living associates of Garland Briggs. This is the biggest gap in my understanding, as the voice on the other end seems to be more in control than Doppelcoop/BOB or The Arm, which suggests a higher presence in the narrative, which would throw my theories off.

  • The Arm helps Coop with slot machines so he has resources to get his strength back

  • Hawk will find the Twin Peaks portal in forest, unsure what will transpire since Coop already came through the new portal, but hopefully this helps restore his faculties

  • The continuing narrative hinges around Coop regaining strength and BOB finding a way to remain outside Black Lodge. I think Audrey, like Coop in S2, having gotten too close to BOB and Black Lodge, will become his target. Before BOB gets Audrey though, The Giant will warn Coop (at the Roadhouse interrupting a Richard and Linda Thompson song), and this time Coop will know exactly what to do.

Holes: - I do not believe Laura will be returned to real life, but she must be granted peace by this entire saga. The Audrey/Coop narrative would satisfy old and new fans emotionally. HOWEVER, Lynch loves beautiful young women, and to round out the complete Twin Peaks narrative, I think, rather than just Audrey or Laura, a different beautiful young women must be saved by Coop. I don't know who that is, but something doesn't sit right about the entire narrative building toward a showdown where Coop saves Audrey, who is in her 50s. I think all of everyone's work needs to add up to 1. Putting BOB back in the Black Lodge, hopefully for good and 2. Giving a young woman the life Laura didn't get to live. This could be Shelly Johnson's daughter Amanda Seyfried, but I doubt it. - Who is the voice on the radio challenging Doppelcoop/BOB? This is my biggest question that I have no good answer to.

Posted : 27/05/2017 11:01 pm