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The name Carrie Page  


Hello. In the 1985 film The Trip To Bountiful Geraldine Page plays a character called Carrie Watts. Geraldine Page won the academy award for best actress. The film is about a lady living in Texas I think who goes on a trip to the town she grew up in to see it one more time before she dies. The town is dead and unrecognisable to her. She visits her old house. There's no-one there. Anyway blah blah, my theory is that the name Carrie Page in Twin Peaks comes from The Trip To Bountiful. I must admit I haven't seen the film and I have been drinking heavily, so this  is very much a half formed idea. My son said it was stupid. Maybe one of you internet people can tell me if there is any weight to it, or whether I should just forget it.

Posted : 17/10/2018 4:51 pm Joseph McMurty liked

More than a coincidence I think!

Posted : 07/12/2018 1:26 am

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