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Ending scene matches with a scene from the original TP

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I'm wondering if this has been discussed already. I just recently watched Twin peaks the original and the return.

I noticed the ending scene in the return where Dale and Carrie go to the Palmer house and talk to Alice Tremond, is extremely similar to the scene in Twin Peaks Season 2 episode 9, "Arbitrary Law" where Dale and Donna go to the Tremond house to look for the old Mrs. Tremond but only find the younger one. 

I mean here are some parallels. 

1. It's the "Tremond" house in both cases

2. Both cases the person they expected to find was not there, but they find someone else instead.

In the original Twin Peaks, it was right after this scene that Dale discovers that Laura had the same dream he had. This might be the start of a time paradox. I think something very similar happens at the end of the return, when Dale asks what year it is.

What do you guys think? Is this an old theory?

EDIT: This youtuber had the same idea!

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