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where is phillip jefferies?

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Posted by: Cæmeron Crain

I feel like there might have been some mention of Dutchman's in the guestbook of that is now empty... Or am I making things up?

Okay, I thought this too but I've checked and the answer is no. There is no person or mention of anything Dutch in the guestbook 🙁 

This is a long shot, but I wonder if posters might be vaguely remembering my reference to Diane' s "Dutchboy" hairstyle. This was in a thread about Diane's "bob" hairdo a few days ago. 

It has nothing to do with Jeffries location. I just know that people have been trying to remember where they saw Dutchman, and it occurred to me it might be this dutchboy post. I don't think we saw any Dutchman reference prior to part 13. 

Posted : 08/08/2017 8:26 pm
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It's entirely possible that The Dutchman is similar to The Farm.  Just a place that we will eventually know about.

Posted : 08/08/2017 9:05 pm
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I did a similar search to Jeffery & came up with the same legend of:
"From between the twin peaks of Popocateptl and Ixtaclhuatl, the Spaniard..."

There's also the phrase "Well I'm a Dutchman's Uncle" meaning a surprise or something unexpected...

Posted : 08/08/2017 9:34 pm

OT but maybe of interest:

Also referenced in Larry Niven's "Protector", as an analogy of the "Adult" Phssthpok.  

All things considered, Protector was ripped off quite comprehensively for the basis of Alien:Prometheus.

Edited for correction.  In Protector, Vandervecken, is referenced for Jack Brennan.

Posted : 08/08/2017 9:41 pm
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