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Telepathy (Albert & Gordon)

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Could Albert and Gordon be actually be using telepathy to communicate information in their scene together? Did any one else think this?

Posted : 03/08/2017 8:17 am
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I think they communicate in code A LOT. I don't think it's supernatural telepathy as we think of it. More like subtle gestures and morse-code blinking, as well as seeming non-sequiturs that have secret meanings. I also think that when Gordon "misunderstands" something Albert says, (eg. "What kind is it?" Looks at watch: "It's 11:05"), there's meaning there. I haven't cracked the code but I believe it IS coded.

Posted : 03/08/2017 8:32 am
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I think you may be on to something.  The staring and blinking are prominent in that scene. 

Gordon seems to be "reading" or "feeling" both Albert and Diane at different times.  1) After he says "Albert. Albert. Albert" following the prison interview, there is a high-pitched tone while Gordon stares intently at Albert.  2) Gordon said he felt something was wrong when Diane hugged him.  3) Gordon stared intently at Diane while she is outside the Buckhorn station smoking.  There is a high-pitched done during this scene as well. 4) The scene you mention. 


Posted : 03/08/2017 8:37 am
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It could be the "hearing aid" contraption Gordon wears is far more high-tech than it looks.

Posted : 03/08/2017 8:50 am
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I feel like it's really complicated whatever is going on there, but it could be possible. I also think back to that scene where Gordon meets Shelley in the original run, and is surprised he can "hear" her perfectly. Maybe the hearing device helps him hear speech over the noise of other frequencies or thoughts he has access to via telepathy? Or something whack like that....

I also think that Gordon is always putting it on when he mishears things.


Posted : 03/08/2017 9:00 am
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And when Gordon puts his hand on Albert's (and Diane's) shoulder with a light rhythmic squeeze ... Could it be code as well?


Posted : 03/08/2017 10:58 am
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I get the sense that men like Gordon and Cooper had certain natural, extra-sensory perceptive abilities.  It's probably why they were involved in Blue Rose cases.  We know Cooper gets visions of dwarves/giants and is a 'strong sender', and we've seen Dougie be able to perceive when someone is lying.  (Side note, I say "Dougie" but we know who I mean).  I don't think that ability was being provided by the lodge entities, even though we saw a greenish light.  I think it was just part of Cooper's natural ability to perceive things others might miss.  And I suspect Gordon is a similar man.  Thus, I think he was concerned to see Albert's reaction to the "I've left messages" quip by Dopplecoop.  A quip I believe was intended to intentionally cause doubt/concern among the FBI ranks.  So Gordon was trying to read him to make sure he was being truthful.  I know some think Albert may be corrupted/damaged somehow, but I'm not getting that from him.  Nor do I think the Albert character has the same perceptive ability that Gordon and Cooper have.  It wouldn't jive with his character from the 1st season.  Thus, the only way to point things out to him would be to use some internal code.  

Equally interesting; why was it Gordon could hear Shelley without needing his hearing aid?  

Posted : 03/08/2017 11:27 am
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Semi-off-topic: Yeknow right after the French girl leaves the room and Cole is continuing with pointless talk about 6,000 languages while Albert really wants to get down to business? Was that metaphor for Lynch (the picture painter) and Frost (the story teller)?

Posted : 03/08/2017 1:31 pm
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Posted by: Ame Solitaire

And when Gordon puts his hand on Albert's (and Diane's) shoulder with a light rhythmic squeeze ... Could it be code as well?


Hi Ame,

I don't know but suspicious shoulder squeezing happens quite a bit on TPtR.  Someone posted about it on this forum five or six episodes ago, and I have been noticing it ever since.

Next time you re-watch any episode, just take note of how many shoulders are grabbed, and in how many different ways.  =:-O

- /< /\ /> -

Posted : 04/08/2017 2:05 pm
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