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Dougie Conquers All  


I was just dreaming, and an interesting scenario (to me anyhow) came to me.

In Twin Peaks, dark forces have long been brewing, and stormy clouds loom on the horizon. This season we have seen the darkness expand like a mushroom cloud, no longer contained in a story of multiple homicides and eerie occurrences, but rather to the corruption at the core of humanity as a whole.

Into this world is born an innocent in the form of a man. Some called him Dougie, some called him Mr. Jackpots, some called him Cooper... just don't call him late for dinner. He rode into this world on a white horse to save the world from itself, a new messiah. To Twin Peaks he rode, righting all wrongs. He destroyed his dark mirror self with the forces of compassion and love; waking sleeping beauty Audrey from her long slumber; healing the wounds of his son Richard and his victims; compelling the Renault family to only sell consciousness-expanding substances; bringing down the man with Dr. Amp; forcing the frog-moth to emerge from and heal Sarah Palmer, revealing itself to have transformed into a beautiful frog-butterfly.

Dougie comes to settle in Twin Peaks to raise his family Father-Yod-style, marrying Audrey (who he awakens from her long slumber), Laura, Diane and Annie while staying with Janey E and kids Sunny Jim, Richard and Linda to have a happy home in a world of peace and unconditional love that grows to exist from his simple-yet-beatific actions. A new dawn has risen on Twin Peaks, illuminating the world. Humanity is awakened with a damn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie for all.

For the record, I do not think anything like this scenario is going to happen, but in the extremely unlikely case Lynch has pursued something like it, I am all on board. If you're going to end big, end Hollywood big! All is forgiven, love conquers all. You probably could not have much more of a fucked-up, screwball ending than that.

For those of you keeping track at home, this marks the fourth time Twin Peaks: The Return has woken me up in the middle of the night, compelling me to post what has come out of my dreams to this forum. While this show is not good for sleeping, it is very good for dreaming. I have long contended that Eraserhead, being one of the most dreamlike movies ever made (along with Jan Švankmajer's Alice, in my experience), is greatly enjoyable to watch in a drowsy state, at which point one can nod off and dream additional scenes to the movie. We all have deleted scenes within.

Also, as long as I am posting here, I am fairly confident at the moment that Tina in Audrey's coma will be played by Sheryl Lee (Audrey never did like her).

Posted : 03/08/2017 5:26 am