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The Log Lady

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In Margaret's earlier scenes, in parts 1 and 2, the room in her cabin was dimly lit. She was also filmed from the side, so her pain wasn't staring us literally in the face. 

This time, the light in the cabin was brighter, and she looked straight at the camera, similarly to how she did in the Bravo intros. Her infirmity was crushing.

She was sad the first time, but this time, the tubes in her nose, her hair barely stubble. How much pain she must have suffered! 

And yet, here she is, in our favorite town, making appearances in three episodes so far!!

The Log Lady, aka Margaret Lanterman, aka Catherine Coulson is for me one of the best, most bittersweet, most heroic souls in this Twin Peaks. 

I wonder whether Hawk could possibly have gone to her place for coffee and pie. That really would be remarkable.

Rest in Peace Log Lady, noble spirit, and harbinger of truths untold.

Topic starter Posted : 17/07/2017 12:36 am
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What a gift, not just to be ill, but for her to be the mystic of Twin Peaks once again before she passed.

I'm gonna go cry now.

Posted : 17/07/2017 2:56 am
RR Diner Patron

I wish she could know how much we appreciate her efforts during the unimaginable hell she must have been going through.

I hope she did it mostly for herself. I'd like to think that she went out exactly as she would have wanted, while working on Twin Peaks.

Posted : 17/07/2017 10:55 am