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Anybody else ready to quit?  

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this show is a dead shark

Posted : 17/07/2017 12:34 am

It's not, but that was the worse episode to date. Fact.

Posted : 17/07/2017 12:41 am
RR Diner Patron

I agree with 7000...tonight was annoying.

Love Lynch, love Twin Peaks, love The Return but this episode was all over the place with nothing of real consequence.  We are in the final half and the pace needs sped up and the intensity needs magnified as we draw closer to the finale.  We've had enough slow drawn out scenes and cameos from side characters in the first half...let's get to the heart of the narrative.

The story was pushed forward in 7 and 9 (as well as 8 but it was a different story) so to take a step back with Jacoby rants, more Jerry in the woods and shitloads of Jim Belushi was a letdown.

Im not quitting...but I'm not happy with this episode either.

Posted : 17/07/2017 12:51 am MoonChild and Eric from Sweden liked

Thanks for sharing. 

I AM the FBI.

Posted : 17/07/2017 1:01 am Teo Peaks, Chris Sampson, ffbsoundguy and 1 people liked
Roadhouse Regular

I enjoyed it.  It was like walking around looking through windows & catching bits & pieces of people's lives.
And I suspect it may be a moment in time before something major happens - a round up of 'What were you doing when X happened?'

Posted : 17/07/2017 1:13 am Pantstrovich, Holden, Tali Thomason and 1 people liked

Part 10 is my least favorite thus far but I still enjoyed it. I agree with Lynn: this episode was a set up for the bomb that is supposedly dropping next week. For me, this season is so layered that Lynch is choosing to develop individual layers in lieu of moving the plot as fast as some may be wanting. In part 9 the shoulder rubbings and squeezes were a subtle nod to Briggs, but they also began to develop more intimacy, affection and "good" human contact (as opposed to the violence that has permeated previous episodes). In part 10 the Doc checks over Dougie and applauds his good health and physique; Dougie and Janey-E have sex; Albert and Constance go on a date (just as some of us predicted last week); and then there's the homage to Laura (think about what goes on in that scene in FWWW). He's gradually adding more "good" to counteract the seemingly ubiquitous violence, evil and betrayal. 

I think the pace is definitely going to pick up, he's just making us wait as long as he possibly can. 

Posted : 17/07/2017 1:48 am Mr Jackpots liked
RR Diner Patron

I'm feel like I was starting to lose interest after episode 8. But I think this episode started to link some of the pieces together.

When it comes to Twin Peaks The Return, I wasn't expecting a trip down memory lane, but I sure wasn't expecting the things we keep getting now either. I had hoped for something better. Way better. But at the same time, I'm slowly getting used to this new "version" of TP.

That said, I feel like I'm now more interested in season 2 of "Stranger Things", and season 9 of "Curb your enthusiasm". I don't think they will let me down the way TP The Return has.

Posted : 17/07/2017 1:49 am
Roadhouse Regular

I just came back to say 'enjoyed' was the wrong word.  It was full of people in various wretched situations - from the violent & broken relationships portrayed to the heart-wrenching appearance of the Log Lady.

Apart from Dougie & Janey-E
And Jim Belushi who is just wooden.

Posted : 17/07/2017 1:55 am
Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: Eric from Sweden

I'm feel like I was starting to lose interest after episode 8. But I think this episode started to link some of the pieces together.

When it comes to Twin Peaks The Return, I wasn't expecting a trip down memory lane, but I sure wasn't expecting the things we keep getting now either. I had hoped for something better. Way better. But at the same time, I'm slowly getting used to this new "version" of TP.

That said, I feel like I'm now more interested in season 2 of "Stranger Things", and season 9 of "Curb your enthusiasm". I don't think they will let me down the way TP The Return has.

Eric, shuddupp, you just don't get Lynch!

"Dougie, who do you prefer now, me or that Jade?"
"No, no, Dougie! Jade. Or. Me?"
"Okay, once again. Jade. Or. Janey-E?"

Posted : 17/07/2017 2:40 am
RR Diner Patron

Don't get me wrong I love the Return...but the slow pacing in the first half was to introduce all the pieces and bring a "where's is this going?" feeling in the viewer.

All the pieces have been laid out now and we are in the latter half of the season...any time wasted on filler or non consequential characters are just getting in the way of a more meaningful finale...

...and this episode was that and that alone.

I love Jacoby and Jerry Horne...but I don't see what government rants or fighting your own foot have to do with Cooper.

Posted : 17/07/2017 2:52 am Mr Jackpots liked
RR Diner Patron

I think Jerry's part is definitely relevant, maybe it's just a red herring, but he's in the woods and almost any person who's had supernatural experiences in Twin Peaks was in the woods when it happened. I've been talking myself into the idea that he might be in the vicinity of Jackrabbit's Palace and it will somehow tie with the rest. I just don't know how as of now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those things that when they happen you're like "oooh now this is what it was for". And I wouldn't be surprised if Jacoby's-Nadine vignettes are somehow relevant (we learned that Nadine was finally able to create silent drape runners - although we don't know if that made her rich - and they are getting selled with Jacoby's golden shovels). Maybe they will need those golden shovels once they get to Jackrabbit's Palace to get the soil needed according to Major Briggs' message.

But anyway, all those things went on for 40 seconds each at most, it's not like they're really slowing down the show. If any I think all the thing with the slow girl at the casino was the only one that probably dragged on a little too long for me, but who knows, maybe we're going to get some payback for that.

In the end, while not my favorite episode, I think a lot happened and a lot has been revealed. They got super fast on Diane; Chad and Richard are still doing their things; we get almost proof evidence that DoppelDale is the man behind the glass box experiment in NYC (which also partly reveals what its purpose was); Richard is Ben and Sylvia Horne's grandson, so it should mean he's Audrey's son (unless the Dougie-Janey-E Jones was meant to tell us that if catatonic Coop is able to have intercourse then Johnny Horne can get laid as well); Steve isn't always loving as he was in his first appearance; there's something more with Mr. Todd, the casino's guys, Dougie's colleague.

Oh and by the way, we still have 8 hours left, which is a lot, it's actually a full season for many shows.

Posted : 17/07/2017 5:05 am twinpeaksseeker, 100monkeys, 1stDragonarse and 4 people liked

I agree with the above post.  I actually thought this was a very good episode because it brought back so many seeds that had been carefully planted the the earlier episodes and began weaving them into a more complete tapestry.  The scene with Richard and Sylvia was extremely powerful.  David Lynch captures that horrific personality type spotlessly and with masterful insight.  I loved how Lucy seemed to play Chad for a fool.  Diane's text message having been rerouted through Mexico does suggest she received it second-hand.  It's not clear whether she's being an informant for Bob, Jeffries, or someone else.  

I would guess that Nadine falling for Dr. Jacoby paves the path for a long desired happy ending for Ed and Norma.  

I can only think disappointment with this show comes from having unfulfilled expectations and the issue there is from having specific expectations to begin with.  His pacing is probably a culture shock to people who watch an abundant amount of modern TV as well.   

But I never know what's going to happen from episode to episode, from scene to scene.  I enjoy that.  And so much of what I see is gorgeously presented (whereas the original TP was naturally more lo-fi), hilarious, compelling, and original.  Full of surprises.  It's great to see the way Twin Peaks has adapted to the massive changes in society and technology over the past 2.5 decades.  I don't know a single person IRL who is disappointed with this season; we all love it.  

Posted : 17/07/2017 5:55 am Steven Fligelstone, 100monkeys, 1stDragonarse and 7 people liked
RR Diner Patron

Considering quitting is an ongoing foundational aspect of all the important/valuable things in my life. Lynch is asking (too) much of us, but the potential gains include insights into our viewing practices and into how our worldviews are constituted  (quit overthinking, quit fighting).

To me this episode fits well, as a partial experience and a piece of the overall puzzle, with what we've had so far. Highlights:

  • The Log Lady's obscure summary of the shows overall thematic focus 
  • Lynch/Frost's ongoing restraint and excesses dynamic
  • Aesthetic control of the opening murder sequence
  • Performances and revelation of character depth of Eamon Farren/Richard Horne and Caleb Landry Jones/Steven Burnett; the quite astounding Naomi Watts
  • Ultimate versions of Cooper's reactive mimicry - post-coital bliss, "love you"  
  • Carl Rodd, Dr Jacoby, Jerry, Lucy (foolishly thinking she'll catch out Chad) in character in their natural environments; and, Benjamin, all the more intriguing for the possibility that Beverly isn't there to hear him
  • Narrative strains coming together in anticipated but also unexpected/revealing ways; painful, blatant Diane deception reveal
  • Duncan Todd revealed to be a prominent "gangster" rather than a link in the communication chain
  • Candy smacking Rodney reverse intertextual reference to The Long Goodbye (and A Clockwork Orange mentioned elsewhere) 

Sorry if this is dense but we're involved in a one off.

Posted : 17/07/2017 5:55 am Pantstrovich, Häxan L. MorningStar, Pier Federico Miozzo and 5 people liked
RR Diner Patron

I have to admit I am a bit confused... by your reactions dear fellas.

I really loved this episode, in my opinion it was much better than the previous one.

Totally shocked by the level of cruelty of this mother€&&€er Richard! The scene with Miriam- lynchian masterpiece. The same with this fuc€&zer Steven - I wasn't expecting that..

The surprising appearance of the Log Lady brings back the old TP mood in the world she speaks...

Cole's unexpected Laura vision.

Dougie and Janey-E:) After Ike the Spike action I was expecting something like that:)

Agree that the casino mobs arc was too long.

Posted : 17/07/2017 6:06 am Chris Sampson, 1stDragonarse, floatinghigherandhigher and 6 people liked
Town Visitor

Nope. Really enjoyed this, and I think it's progressing the way it should. Richard Horne is becoming the character you want to see die in a violent way, like Joffrey from GOT haha. Anyone think the episodes don't necessarily flow in order? I feel we won't see Dale Cooper until the finale...this is his odyssey back to Twin Peaks. Feel sorry for Janey-E when Coop does reveal himself!

Posted : 17/07/2017 6:16 am Ruskinowl liked
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