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Leonora Carrington - influence on Twin Peaks imagery?


Not sure if this was discussed in the past (I couldn't find any mention on this forum). I saw a documentary on a British surrealist artist called Leonora Carrington, and some of her paintings seem to have (I think) clear influences on specific elements in Twin Peals. We all know about Lynch's influence by artists like Francis Bacon and Maya Deren, but this artist was new to me. 

I added a few images. She was very prolific, so the most ones I found interesting were the white rocking horse (which reminds me of the small horse figurine in Carrie Page's flat); the flying black comet-head (which reminds me of Bob's flying head); and I guess most obvious would be the "Map of down below" (notice the bottom left, the image of a tall man and a short man)

Of course it's possible that these are just recurring themes in any surrealist/mystical art, and in this case sorry to bother you 🙂 

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2019 1:00 pm