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What's with the monkey?

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I finally got around to watching FWWM and am glad I did.  It was much better than I expected given its bad reviews and helps me understand the mythology much better.  

Anyways, I think it was the scene where The Arm, and the man with one arm ask Bob for his garmonbozia...there was a second where the face of a monkey was flashed on the screen.  Just seemed extra random and out of place to me.    Now I know this is to be expected with DL, but usually his randomness is chosen in such a way where the viewer can conceive of ways where it can possibly fit the overall puzzle.....hence all the posts on here!!  

Maybe I'm just missing something.  Any monkey theories?


Topic starter Posted : 04/08/2017 9:11 pm
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I've always taken it as another simple, direct, literal Lynch reference; to our evolved primate origins. The monkey appears in the place of the boy magician and later the monkey/ape-face asks for "Judy".

Jaak Panksepp has identified (via work on animal emotions) seven primordial emotional systems that guide human instinctual urges:

  i. SEEKING – enthusiasm/desire (most common and important - explains most TPTR viewing responses)

ii. RAGE – anger

iii. FEAR – anxiety

iv. LUST – eroticism / erotic desire

v. CARE – maternal nurturance

vi. PANIC – adult sadness, sorrow & grief

vii. PLAY - joyfulness

Posted : 05/08/2017 1:13 am