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What's the image on Mr. C's Ace of Spades card?

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“Do you know what this is?”

Not an answer but additional info.

On Windom Earle's cards in Season 2, Cooper is the King of Spades and Shelley is the Queen.

With my suspicion of Shelley playing a big role in the Twin Peaks aspect of the new series, I think the consistency of the suit is important.

HardFlame Eudy 01/07/2017 12:33 pm

How did the OP's question include the Woodsmans poem weeks before broadcast? Methinks someone has early access to episodes...

SamXTherapy 01/07/2017 1:16 pm

The OP's comment includes a quotation as a sig line.  It's automatically added to all their posts retroactively.

I guess you're not familiar with how forums work.

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Not sure, but the ace of spades is traditionally seen as the card of death if that helps.


My first thought was that it seemed like a non-geometrical version of the owl ring symbol.


Alternately, it reminds me of a two-legged tick. That would seem somewhat appropriate considering how much garmonbozia Doppeldale vomited up. Anyway,  I always pick up a tick or two when I go into the woods, maybe Dale did too.

Jesse Newkirk 19/02/2018 6:20 pm

Dale did think he had been bitten by a wood tick a while back. 


def a variation of the owl cave/ring symbol


Another question: what are the scratches about? Stay tuned.


It seems to me that the marks in the card are pin marks from where it's been stuck onto a wall or a board with a thumbtack.

Since the marks are on both the top and bottom halves of the card, maybe the symbol can be viewed upside down as well?


I agree it resembles the owl ring. Minus the legs/wings, I think it also looks like the pool of scorched engine oil at Glastonbury Grove


I thought it would be Judy?


Look at the photo full size. Definitely some scratches, like if you put paper on top of it and pressed down with a ball-point pen. and the other bits the card material is poking out towards this side of the card.



Actually, the more I look at the card, the more I get Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Rabbit-hole anyone?


The missing Rabbit?

Karen 03/06/2017 6:28 am

That was a joke scene about Lucy confessing to eating evidence 25 years ago. Hawk listening to his intuition clearly decided it has nothing to do with the bunny.


i definitely think it looks like the owl cave symbol, and that those are scratches, which remind me of the monster in the box. when i watched it, the subtitles kept popping up with "scratching" for the noises being made when the monster appears. maybe the fact that it looks like it's been scratched at from the other side is in correlation to the fact that the monster was escaping the box, and before that, the purple room with naido?


Anyone see the BACK of the card? I have been curious about whether it is from the same deck that "119" junkie has on her table.


It may be "Mother" ?


I think it is a code to execute some sort of action. Kind of like the red square on Duncan's screen triggers the assassination green light and the dog legs indicate something like that as well. Just a theory...I know that we do not know if Mr. C. is behind the red square, but he's the only one so far who makes sense to be behind Coop's assassinations. 

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