What's the image on Mr. C's Ace of Spades card?  

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“Do you know what this is?”

This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.

Not an answer but additional info.

On Windom Earle's cards in Season 2, Cooper is the King of Spades and Shelley is the Queen.

With my suspicion of Shelley playing a big role in the Twin Peaks aspect of the new series, I think the consistency of the suit is important.

How did the OP's question include the Woodsmans poem weeks before broadcast? Methinks someone has early access to episodes...

The OP's comment includes a quotation as a sig line.  It's automatically added to all their posts retroactively.

I guess you're not familiar with how forums work.

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Conjures "The Black Dog Runs at Night" meets the Owl Cave ring. Upside down, it could be a headless body, the legs kinda sticking out and the arms folded so that they blend in with the torso. 

Your Laura disappeared. There's just me now.

This has been a message...from the LOG.


As I mentioned on another thread - the folder telling Ike the Spike who to kill comes from the guy with the red square & is identified by a black spot.
I thought it might be like the Black Spot from Treasure Island - which is a death sentence to pirates.  Maybe this is TP's version - with added dog legs!


Perhaps a jester's/joker's/fool's cap?  "Joker" = wild card?


...and a glass of water, sweetheart, my socks are on fire!


Could be the bug from ep.8 the return


I think the answer is that it is both meant to be a variation of the owl cave, as well as Experiment (a.k.a., "Mother"). If you look closely in Episode 8 where it vomits up BOB, you'll notice two small antennae on its head. As someone else mentioned, the scratches could be a trademark of the monster, along with the Ace of Spades symbolizing death.


Good one, Samx!


the owl cave/ring symbol


The face/head of The Experiment.


Greetings All,

So.. I'm wondering if we have been looking at this card from the wrong perspective.

I pulled out an Ace of Spades from my Hoyle Poker deck to compare (my card is the 1st half, Mr. C's is the 2nd).

Note that on mine, it has 'Poker' and 'Holye Products' above and below the spade itself, but let's assume that on Mr. C's it's a different company and maybe they only have the blurb above the spade and THAT'S the reason it's all scratched (in other words, maybe it was a simple work-a-round to get past a copyright/licensing/trademark issue).


Interesting! Never thought to look at it from such a pragmatic perspective.  Nice work!


....It means BadCoop wants a puppy.....

Well, obviously.  Don't we all?


It's Bat-Mite.  Obviously.

Coppula eam se non posit acceptera jocularum

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