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Is it possible the Laura we see killed is a doppelganger from the lodge and the real one is who we see in the lodge?

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We know that it's possible or perhaps mandatory that when someone enters the lodge they have a doppelganger created of them who will try and escape as we see what happened with Cooper. Is it possible then that Laura at any time could have entered the lodge and one was created of her and escaped and was Laura the whole time? Does anyone have any bits of story knowledge that could corroborate this theory or debunk?

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"It wasn't really Laura that was killed" was perhaps the biggest red herring of the original series. Lynch and Frost worked HARD to get us thinking that Maddie was really Laura. If Laura has a doppelganger in the world, I will be surprised, but THAT in turn won't surprise me, which is why TP is so amazing.

But- I see no evidence. And it seems that t he lodge can only be intered and exited at the right moments.


I believe that Laura had an entity in her like her father did with Bob. But the Laura in the Black Lodge repeated again that she was not Laura. I believe that she is the bad entity that left the black lodge and went into the glass box in New York. The entity then killed the young lovers and went to find her body. When they were in the Black Lodge she told Agent Cooper to look for Laura. I  believe that entity is going to find the doppleganger Laura or as mentioned in another post she might be the real Laura still alive. 


If you haven't seen the Fire Walk With Me film you're going to be a bit lost in the new TP show.