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Are there "Blue Rose" cases in non-Lynch movies?

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I found a video that suggests that there are at least 2 more movies with Blue Rose cases:

American Beauty and Donnie Darko. It says that just like Twin Peaks these two have:

1. Heroes with visions\daydreams and obsessions

2. Drugs

3. Sexual themes like adultery, pedophilia, first sex, pPromiscuity 

4. And most important unmotivated murders.

It mostly reviews American Beauty and relations between people within it, but closer to the end it comes out to the fact that everyone was driven by some entity and somehow interested\involved into the murder - Lester's daughter, wife, and neighbor wanted him dead.


What do you think? Can it be that American Beauty and Donnie Darko are Blue Rose cases?



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1 definitely qualifies. 
Also a kind of sequel ( by different filmmaker )



I don't see how as they're not David lynch or mark frost movies.