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[Solved] The Jalani Quinn as Desk Sergeant Appreciation Society (JQDSAS)  

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Hello JQDSASers, welcome!

Thought I'd open a new thread to recognise this minor cameo, as it was a classic Twin Peaks quirky side role. Charismatic, flailing arms; he brought more in 30 seconds than Andy and Lucy have the entire series (I'm really finding them cringeworthy. Is Andy's gut real?)

I digress, this about about Jalani Quinn AKA Desk Sergeant.

Please, comment below with any odes of affection. A simply 'here here' of affirmation will also suffice.

Peace out JQDSASers! We can only hope for another appearance from Desk Sergeant in Part 10.

Posted : 10/07/2017 9:05 am