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Just posted this elsewhere, so sorry the for SPAM-like posting, kind of new to the community etc,  but this feels important and I'm struggling with the best way to find some discourse...

Has anyone else caught the tie-ins to the closing/credit sequence of
INLAND EMPIRE? This just occurred to me, putting together the "Woodsman"
characters with the ones from "Fire Walk With Me". It's worth going
back and watching the credits from INLAND EMPIRE, during which we see
Laura Dern, presumably in character from IE, blond and beautiful and
sitting on a RED couch smiling and looking up while strobe lights flash,
VERY reminiscent of LAURA (not Dern) PALMER in the red room, the
posture, the face, the looking up, the red couch, the strobes and the
general feeling of out of time out of placeness of where she is (the red
room) in this case... no idea? where Laura Dern is supposed to be.

there is a FULL ON WOODSMAN in this room with Laura Dern, in the
credits called "Lumberjack" sawing away at a LOG (fill in your LOG LADY
tie-ins here).

Also interesting is the appearance of LAURA Elena
Harding (another Laura) who did not otherwise appear in INLAND EMPIRE,
she's one of the first people we see in this room with Laura Dern etc...
looking VERY much like her MULHOLLAND DRIVE character. MD which, of
course stars her, opposite the amazing Naomi Watts who is so central to
the new Twin Peaks season.

Last but not least let's not miss out
on the very prominent appearance of the MONKEY on the chair, we see it
several times. It's hard to understate how important a tie to TWIN PEAKS
FIRE WALK WITH ME this is. When we see "The Magician" aka the grandson
of the grandma in the movie he at one point changes his face into that
of a little monkey, behind a mask, talking about BOB. And, more
confusingly, we see that monkey again later in an abstract sequence
uttering the name "JUDY". One imagines it would have to be the same
unknown Judy referenced by Phillip Jeffries (David Bowie) when he
appears in the FBI office at the beginning of the movie.

does it all mean? Who the heck knows. Just some things that occurred to
me this week that I wanted to share and hopefully find some other folks
that had reached the same connections.

Posted : 06/07/2017 5:44 am
Town Visitor

The cups with the 7 or Z on them in ep1 actually have a slanted N with a dot above it, as in AxxonN.

Im sure Dern says a variant of Look at me (you fucker) to Mr C as she did to Billy on the 4/7 set when the Man in the Green Coat hides the gun.

Posted : 06/07/2017 6:15 am

Oh good call! I totally missed that

Posted : 07/07/2017 10:19 pm