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Things I loved about Episode 6  


Agent Cooper, still half-sleeping in Dougie's body, how he re-discovers this side of the world and comprehend things he wasn't able to have in the past, like family, son. In previous episode he even have a tears in eyes looking at "his" son. Cooper is reborn in the unknown family, and he seems to enjoy being father - role he couldn't have.

Janey-E monologue - priceless. It's actually a manifesto of 99%, a damn honest speech.

Carl Rodd staring at trees - and after I've read "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" I can very good understand him. His obduction back to childhood (along with the further Log Lady) is always present in his mind. He may recall the moments of his lives which are erased from his mind. He may be in waiting mode for another obduction? Reading his history makes the episode with the park bank soo deep! 

Red - have you the same feeling like me thinking Red is pretending to be somebody. He is acting, badly acting as a badass gangster, but all those gestures seems to be very theatric and painfully long learnt before the mirror. 

And - with Jeremy Davies - another LOST actor here. Lovin' it 🙂

Posted : 17/06/2017 11:25 pm
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I loved the of my favorite so far and not quite sure why it got immediate hate.

Also...since I couldn't find a place to ask this question and since you brought it up...I'm wanting to read TSHoTP.  I don't why I haven't yet.

Should I get a physical copy or the audiobook?  The physical copy looks cool with realistic documents but the audiobook has recordings from the actual actors.

I cant make a decision.  It would be cool to read the book while listening to the audiobook so it was like a TP Ken Burns doc...but that's expensive.

Posted : 18/06/2017 12:06 am

It is not Dougie's body, it is Cooper's. Dougie went to the Black Lodge and no longer exists. People in Vegas just THINK he is Dougie.

Posted : 18/06/2017 3:04 am
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I think that magic trick confirms Red as a badass.

Posted : 18/06/2017 4:08 am
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To me Red's gestures seem like there is some ghost in a body that he don't have under control yet.

Posted : 18/06/2017 5:42 am

I was also thinking about Red's gestures. Sometimes it looks like he's not sure wether to use left or right hand (which makes me think of the Lodge's backwards thing as if he's trying to do backwards movements forward, or like a mirror). And yes also as if it's 'acting' or rehearsed before (trying out 'signature' or 'cool' movements).

Posted : 18/06/2017 6:02 am
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EDIT: Responding to Zack here re: Secret History 

The physical copy of the book is (IMO) worth the purchase - but I tend to love the found artifact type of thing this is (you know, the physicality of the whole thing).

Honestly, though? I kind of wish I hadn't read it before watching the series - Lynch is a master of the implied, the subconscious, the vague, the absurd, and the dreamlike. Frost's work (while still very interesting) is incredibly blunt, direct, and. . . mmm... expositional. "It's the mystery that endures" and, in so many ways, I actually feel like the explanatory nature of the Secret History intrudes too often into my viewing of the series as it is (which I really feel like should just be watched without too many preconceived notions, as an experience, rather than an academic exercise).

Uh.... right, sorry, that's quite a lot of opining - and I realize everyone is different. Just my 2 cents (4 dollars) - think it's still worth reading, but maybe after finishing the series as a companion piece.


Posted : 18/06/2017 12:38 pm
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Thanks for the input!

I was wanting to read it because I felt I might be missing some info for the new season.  People keep referring to it as giving some extra light on this seasons events.

...but I see what you're saying...sometimes it's best to have a little more mystery and not have things spelled out for you.

I might hold out will give me something to do when this season is over and I'm waiting for the next season (hopefully...but I doubt it will happen).

Posted : 19/06/2017 3:01 am

The new show is not tied to the book. One or two ideas in it at least made it into the script ( character of Tamara Preston being one ).

Posted : 19/06/2017 3:07 am